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Birthday Breakfast, Fabulous Food and Thieb Bu Djen

1. We are in Barcelona to help celebrate our daughter-in-law’s birthday and brought with us presents and cards from family in England. We bought some beautiful French tarts from a cake shop yesterday and had those for breakfast after our croissants! We cooked a birthday dinner last night as D and A have to go to Madrid tonight re A’s visa to visit us at Christmas.

2 This week we have eaten Spanish food, D&A’s Moroccan neighbour has brought in beautiful breads and cakes for us each day (see the photos below), last night’s dinner had one English course, (Prawns in a Marie Rose sauce), one French (Confit duck with saute potatoes and peas)and one Italian ( Tiramisu) and this evening we are having a Senegalese dish,Thieb bu djen( chebugen) which I have had a hand in preparing! For D&A’s arrival back tomorrow evening, the lovely neighbour is cooking us a Moroccan couscous dish.

Birthday breakfast.





Beautiful biscuits, all home made
3. Our Senegalese supper was super delicious and reminded us of our trip there for the Wedding last April.

Thieb Bu Djen


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Sea

I love the sea in all its moods, tide in, tide out, early morning and evening. When I lived away from the sea I felt a visceral need to be at the coast and had a poster of John Masefield’s poem, ‘I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky….. ‘ on the wall in my office.

I am away from home at the moment and have only a few sea photos available to share, taken from the same spot, a daytime tide out shot and some evening at sunset, tide right in shots where the sunset appeared to be setting the sea on fire.