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The Milky Way, Twins and Lemon Marmalade

1     Wheal Coates is on one of our favourite walks and some of you will have seen photos of it before. This wonderful photograph of Wheal Coates with The Milky Way behind it, was taken by a local photographer, Tim Martindale, and I have his permission to use it tonight. Isn’t it a stunning photograph? In my preview I have to click the title to see the photo. Please do – it is worth it!

Milky Way behind Wheal Coates

Milky Way behind Wheal Coates

Wheal Coates from a similar spot, taken by me this summer

Wheal Coates from a similar spot, taken by me this summer at sunset

2   We have spoken to both our twins today as yesterday and today are their birthdays. L said the loveliest thing “Happy Birthing Day to you, Mum” No-one has ever said that to me before; I haven’t ever thought it. Now that L is a Mum herself, she knows!

3   I have made Lemon Marmalade this afternoon as L&T gave us 15 lemons yesterday. It is the most beautiful pale golden colour and carries the date of L’s birthday which I shall find a pleasure each time we open a new jar.

Beautiful Lemon Marmalade

Beautiful Lemon Marmalade

!7th September batch of Lemon Marmalade

17th September batch of Lemon Marmalade


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside

This is one of my favourite “Inside” photos. It shows the contents of the case that I took to South Africa when we went volunteering in a village called Mapoch. The stacking cups and the wooden beads were toys which our own children had played with many years ago.

Inside my case

Inside my case

The subsequent photos show some of the toys we took being played with by the children in the pre-school. We went to help build an extra classroom and to work with the teacher and the children. It remains one of the best things I have ever done. The village and the people will be a part of me forever.

Sadly I lost all my photos from the trip but I did keep a diary so these photos are from the diary and are therefore not the best quality.

Children playing

Children playing

IMG_7553 IMG_7557


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