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Rose Hips, Papaya and Superpowers

1   Coming away from my piano lesson today (where I played that phrase properly and have moved on some more!) , there was a whole hedge of beautiful rose-hips ranging from yellow to orange to pink to deepest red. I really ought to pick some and make rose-hip syrup.

Rugosa hedge

Rugosa hedge

Rose-hips, raindrops and webs

Rose-hips, raindrops and webs

2   I love the inside of the Papaya, the contrast between the pale golds of the flesh with the dark, glossy seeds within.

Inside a Papaya

Inside a Papaya, for the Photo Challenge

3   We’re going to see Grand-baby B at the weekend and I am busy knitting to order a few pairs of the next size up Sally-boots. I’ll show you the finished articles tomorrow.

I knit! What's your Superpower?

I knit! What’s your Superpower?


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