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Goodbyes, Footprints and Sunset

After just the best Celebratory ten days together, our eldest daughter left last night, two families this morning and we now have just one family here for two more days. This morning, before leaving the little girls, LiveWires 3 and 4, played making hand and foot prints on the slate terrace by dipping their feet and hands in the dewy grass!

Much to our delight, we were taken out for dinner tonight to The Rock Pool by Godrevy and after a delicious meal, went further along to admire the dramatic sunset.

Sunset at Godrevy Beach



Bathroom Art, Piano Practice and Tyangboche

1   I see these two wacky bits of art several times a day and they make me smile every time! The embroidered one, ‘a list of reasons to head for the sea’ kept me going when I lived out of Cornwall. The driftwood one is by Susan R Evans and we bought them both in the Art gallery below Leeds Museum many years ago.

2  I’ve done lots of short practises today. Below is my keyboard and another beautiful piece of art, one of my favourites, ‘ The Rock Pool’ by Sasha Harding. It’s lovely to look up at when I’m stuck on a piece.

My keyboard and 'The Rock Pool' by Sasha Harding

3   Lucy and fellow trekkers have reached Tyamboche at 12,687ft  today. I don’t think we’ll hear from her for another whole week!

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