Bathroom Art, Piano Practice and Tyangboche

17 Feb

1   I see these two wacky bits of art several times a day and they make me smile every time! The embroidered one, ‘a list of reasons to head for the sea’ kept me going when I lived out of Cornwall. The driftwood one is by Susan R Evans and we bought them both in the Art gallery below Leeds Museum many years ago.

2  I’ve done lots of short practises today. Below is my keyboard and another beautiful piece of art, one of my favourites, ‘ The Rock Pool’ by Sasha Harding. It’s lovely to look up at when I’m stuck on a piece.

My keyboard and 'The Rock Pool' by Sasha Harding

3   Lucy and fellow trekkers have reached Tyamboche at 12,687ft  today. I don’t think we’ll hear from her for another whole week!

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