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Snoods, Designs and A Crocus

I’ve been knitting snoods for a collection of warm stuff for refugees.

The first Wednesday of each month is Sing For Your Heart at the Eco Park. Today was as uplifting as always. There was a goodly collection of donations for the next load going to Calais to help the refugees.  Love the designs in the atrium.

At the Eco Park

Our first purple Crocus has appeared.

Purple Crocus


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Cornwall Rising – A Million Stories of Sanctuary

What an incredibly moving, informative and inspiring day we have had, hearing from ‘ordinary’ Cornish people who are doing extraordinary work both here and abroad to ease the plight of those who have had to leave their homes in Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and other places where life is unimaginably hard.

Our own St Piran was a refugee made welcome here and we, those who live in this beautiful county, want to help and are helping in Lesvos, in Calais and in Cornwall, each in her own way and all volunteers.  Here follows a gallery of the day, photos taken from the back of the hall of the projection on the wall.


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Baby Carrier Kits

On Friday afternoon a group of my lovely friends are getting together to make some more Baby Carriers and today I have prepared three ‘kits’ with all the pieces cut out and ready to sew.

Baby carrier kit

Baby carrier kit

Baby carrier being modelled for me

Baby carrier being modelled for me



Delicious Spread, Pop-Up Exhibition and Lights Switch-on

Last night’s party was enormous fun – all those big hearted people who have helped us out in one way or another over the past year who came for a Thanksgiving dinner and laughed all night!

Last night's party food - there were desserts too!

Last night’s party food – there were desserts too!

This afternoon we went to support a young friend who had organised a pop-up exhibition in aid of the refugees in Lesvos and there was some amazing art for sale!

Ruby's Pop Up Exhibition to raise money for the refugees in Lesvos

Ruby’s Pop Up Exhibition to raise money for the refugees in Lesvos

Tonight was the Switching on of the Lights in our town, Redruth, and the two choirs I sing with combined to sing Christmas Carols to the queue waiting to see Father Christmas, who was dressed in traditional green I was very pleased to see! The rain held off until the very end.It delighted me to see Father Christmas with his umbrella!

Father Christmas and his brolly!

Father Christmas and his brolly!


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Pansy Surprise, A Visit and Generosity

Last night, as the lovely Mr S was locking up, he found a bag on the doorstep. I contained a very pretty purple and white Pansy plant in a container. There was no message or card but it has to be from someone who knows me well, the colours being the Suffragette colours. If you read this, lovely friend, please give me a call!

Purple, white and green

Purple, white and green, photo taken at night with flash

2    Daughter No 3 is in Devon for a couple of days so came down for lunch today. What a delight to have them here, if only for a couple of hours!  Littlest Live-wire is so full of language and stories, questions and make-believe. The garden, as always, found her exploring.

B feeding a flower to the Hare sculpture

B feeding a flower to the Hare sculpture

3   A young friend has been the instigator of a Charity project to collect items for the refugees in Calais – Falmouth’s Donation Day Drop-off for Calais. We went over this afternoon with our contribution to find J and her friend almost overwhelmed by the fabulous generosity of the people in Falmouth and around. People had been arriving all day with tins and packets of food as well as warm coats, hats and scarves for the increasingly cold weather and many other items. Volunteers have been helping to sort and pack things into boxes and it just shows how lovely so many people are. I am a great believer in the fact that he humanity of humans will always shine through.

In the theatre at Princess Pavilions with boxes and boxes of donations.

In the theatre at Princess Pavilions with boxes and boxes of donations.


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