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Breakfast, Swimmers and Sounds of the Sea

While we were in the Gylly Cafe for a delicious breakfast, lots, and I means lots of people came down to the sea for their cold water dip. You might just be able to spot some of their heads in the water! After our delicious breakfast, we walked along Cliff Road and sat by the sea soaking up the sunshine and listening to the gentle soughing of the waves.


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Falmouth, Lunch and A Reflection

We spent the afternoon in Falmouth today after lunch at The Gylly Beach Cafe, Visited the Maritime Museum and M shopped for Cornish delicacies to take home to Munich – another lovely day. So many shops in Falmouth have a spectacular view from the windows in the shop.

View from inside a shop in Falmouth

View from inside a shop in Falmouth

There was a new menu at The Gylly. I had the chowder and it was one pf the best meals I have had there – and that’s saying something!

Today's Specials at The Gylly Beach Cafe

Today’s Specials at The Gylly Beach Cafe

Looking over into the harbour at Custom House Quay, the clouds were reflected in the very low water.

Reflection - clouds in an almost empty harbour

Reflection – clouds in an almost empty harbour





First Passion Flower, Meeting and Caponata

1   The passion flower has given us a beautiful bloom at last. Yesterday’s bit of sun must have encouraged it – as it did all of us!

White Passion Flower

2   An ex-pupil of mine is on holiday in Cornwall with her partner and wanted to meet up which was really sweet of her. We had a lovely time over coffee in The Gylly Beach Cafe in Falmouth catching up after six years. What a beautiful young lady (inside and out) she is now at 22!

3   Last delicious dish made for the reunion week – Sicilian Caponata which is beautiful and very colourful, will serve as a side dish for the meat eaters and is substantial enough to be a stand-alone veggie dish when served with some tasty bread.

Sicilian Caponata


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