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Sunshiney Day, Readers around the World and Birthday Dinner

1  The most glorious sunny Spring day today so we went garden shopping for the new patch at the back, more Spring bulbs, a dark red leaved Berberis that will have white hawthorn-like flowers and then beautiful berries for the birds in the winter, a big piece of trellis. I just love the way rain droplets collect in Lupin leaves!

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2  Wordpress have just added a feature that shows where in the world people are reading your blog. I was quite astounded  to see that my blog has been read in 24 countries over the last 10 days!

3  Our oldest daughter, Mikki, is visiting this weekend to celebrate her birthday with us which is lovely. We haven’t seen her since Christmas.

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Sisters, Soup and Earthflight

Sisters, September 2010

1   ‘A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost” I follow Lesley Carter’s blog  and hope my own dear sister will read this post and recognise some of us in it. Thank you, Lesley.

2  Made some fabulous soup today with the stock made last week from the chicken, duck and pheasant bones and some Beluga lentils. Delicious!

3  Finally caught up with the making of Earthflight -what skill.

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