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Bliss, Free Coffee and Laughter

1  Oh, bliss! I’ve been to the Osteopath whose magic hands have made walking and standing without pain possible again!

2   We went shopping in Truro before going to the theatre tonight. One of my favourite shops kindly had coffee and biscuits on the house for all shoppers on this cold, wet afternoon. Just look at the beautiful china cups and saucers with which they trust their customers!

Help yourself

Help yourself!

3   At The Hall for Cornwall, we saw Dr Phil Hammond who had his audience in stitches! If you get the chance to go to one of his shows, take it. You’ll come away all the better for the laughter! Click on the red link if you’d like to know more.


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Drying Rabbits, Poppy and A Little Bit of Magic

1   It is another absolutely beautiful day and next door have their washing on the line. I love to see the much -loved rabbits drying in the sunshine.

Out to dry

Out to dry

2   The Oriental Poppy that was opening yesterday is open in all its glory today. It is almost 7″ across but for some reason it is facing the wall, not the sun and not the garden!

Enormous poppy

Enormous poppy

Oriental Poppy

Oriental Poppy

3   I have been to the Osteopath today and he has worked his usual magic!  I am pain free as I write!

***PS***  Although I am commenting on blogs, when I go to check, my comment is not there. John found me in the Spam. Please, if I usually reply to your posts / comments and you haven’t heard from me recently, please -check your spam folder! For Ladysighs and Alastair especially today.


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Suitcases Singing Again, Hip Happiness and Skype

1  It was so good to get back to singing again and even Claire asking us to dance did not dim my enjoyment! I knew I’d been missing the singing and my singing friends but hadn’t realised quite how much!

2  I saw my hip man this afternoon and he thinks I can put off the replacements indefinitely but says I can ask to see him whenever I want to, if I’m in pain again, and he’ll see me quickly and look after me. It was Joe the osteopath who fixed my hips last June – magic!

3  We Skyped briefly with Daniel and Ami and began to discuss wedding arrangements but we’ve lost the signal from Senegal. The photo is of our beautiful soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Ami.

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Singing, Mr Smith and Daisy’s painting

1  A fabulous singing session with the  Suitcases learning ‘Hark, the Glad Sound’  a Thomas Merritt carol, with the loveliest harmonies that sound like pealing bells. Watching peoples’ faces transforming from puzzlement to absolute beaming joy as they ‘got’ their part was magic!

2  Coming home from choir to Mr Smith telling me, with a big grin, “Today feels like the first day of the rest of my life!”  The osteopath has fixed the problem at last after 3 weeks of treatment but four months of pain. Thank you, Joe.  (Update – 23/11/2011 The relief was short-lived. Joe is still trying to help.)


This delights me every day!  It is a wonderfully vibrant painting by my dear sister, Daisy, who now lives in Hawaii, and who is so happy in her new life. We’ve put it in the spare bedroom so that we can see it from the hall, all the way up the stairs, when we come out of the bedroom and it lifts my spirits every time I see it. Thank you, Deborah.


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