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Six on Saturday – After the Rain

Today is a day of sunshine and showers and I popped out between showers to find my Six for this Saturday. I love catching raindrops in my photos and it is so lovely to see signs of Spring, albeit only a few flowers just yet – but – Spring is coming. The grass hasn’t stopped growing all winter. It was mowed only last week and is up again but it is far too wet to be cut right now.


Atlantica Glauca Pendula




Like a field!

You, too, could join in Six on Saturday! Just have a look at the post and the comments  here.


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Sewing Box, Yellow Border and Raindrops

I’ve had such an enjoyable time today equipping the sewing box, which arrived very late this afternoon, with lovely bits and pieces for LiveWire No 3’s 7th birthday. We just managed to get to the post so that it will arrive on Monday.

The Sewing Box

Inside the box, lots of little parcels to open

Felt shapes to sew together and stuff

There are so many little daffodils in our wall border, all brightening up a very grey day.

Tete a Tete borders

The Crocuses are almost done but these two, in their last moments of glory, are just gorgeous covered in raindrops.  Zoom in if you can for an even more glorious view!

I love this one! Crocuses with raindrops.



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Choir Babies, Fresh Eggs and First Crocus

1   Three choir-babies with us today. It is such a joy to be watching these little people growing up.

Choir baby T, walking and really confident. Says Hiya

Choir baby T, walking and really confident. Says Hiya!

Choir baby E, has her first shoes and walks with help

Choir baby E, has her first shoes and walks with help

Our newest choir-baby

Our newest choir-baby

2  Two of our choir members keep chickens and regularly bring their delicious eggs to sell. Only 5 in the box this week as one poor chicken has met a sad demise courtesy of the local fox. I made us a beautifully golden frittata for lunch and it was scrumptious served with some salad.

Beautiful fresh eggs

Beautiful fresh eggs

Sunshine Frittata

Sunshine Frittata

3    We have our first crocus!

Our first crocus

Our first crocus


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