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A View, Colour and Home-Made

How it rained and hailed this morning but we still had lots of fun having breakfast with friends at a favourite venue with the most beautiful view, even without sunshine.

Afterwards we briefly shopped in Truro visiting one of my favourite shops……

I loved the logo on this bag – and this afternoon we made the next two batches of home-made marmalade, another 10lbs or so.

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Sewing Box, Yellow Border and Raindrops

I’ve had such an enjoyable time today equipping the sewing box, which arrived very late this afternoon, with lovely bits and pieces for LiveWire No 3’s 7th birthday. We just managed to get to the post so that it will arrive on Monday.

The Sewing Box

Inside the box, lots of little parcels to open

Felt shapes to sew together and stuff

There are so many little daffodils in our wall border, all brightening up a very grey day.

Tete a Tete borders

The Crocuses are almost done but these two, in their last moments of glory, are just gorgeous covered in raindrops.  Zoom in if you can for an even more glorious view!

I love this one! Crocuses with raindrops.



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Playing, Shopping and Sewing

Littlest Live-Wire loves playing with the toys her Mum and siblings played with.

I am making a beautiful soft poncho for three year old B. Today we went shopping for the trims and her eye was caught by the pink feathers.

These are what we ended up with and tonight I have sewn on the shocking pink bobbles. The photo doesn’t do the colour justice!


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Buttons, Drills Bits and Wise Words

I love how these buttons look like a box of chocolates. They are looking for a new home so if you are local, do ask!

Leather buttons

Leather buttons

The lovely Mr S is working on our stairs, eliminating some of the squeaks and creaks in our more than 100 years old house. These drill bits please me!.

Drill kit

Drill kit

Three wise monkeys here with some timeless advice………

Don't see everyone's flaws

Don’t see everyone’s flaws

I just received an anniversary message from WordPress. I have been blogging, in Kath’s memory, for four years today!

anniversary 4 years

anniversary 4 years


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