Sweet Peas, Sweet Corn and Bees

07 Aug

I have spent much of the afternoon in the shade of the arbour, reading. When I looked up, this was my view, Sweet Peas and Sweet Corn in the raised beds against a backdrop of a cerulean sky The tassels on the corn are turning brown so we should be able to harvest them quite soon.

When it was a little cooler, we went down to the allotment to water the cucumbers, courgettes and squash. While the lovely Mr S was doing that I was taking photos of bees on a neighbour’s very dark bronze sunflowers.


One response to “Sweet Peas, Sweet Corn and Bees

  1. nrhatch

    August 8, 2022 at 3:07 pm

    Those sunflowers look very autumnal . . .


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