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Six on Saturday – A Windy April Afternoon

It’s wild out there today – and cold! I had planned to pot up a couple of Lavender plants for the top of the steps into the garden but that will have to wait!  We’ve had help this week with some of the heavier, non-plant, tasks. The arbour has been renovated with a new roof and a new back. Now I have to paint it. The veggie boxes have begun to rot. They were made 10 years ago using the beams from the huge workshop that took up half of our garden. Dan has repaired those too so now we can get planting. We have no greenhouse and buy the little plants from our local nursery in Chacewater and had hoped to buy and plant this weekend but it seems another frost is promised so that job will have to wait too……

1. The Arbour

Repaired back and roof. Wheels added so that we can always turn it to the sun.

2.  Veggie box, running repairs done on two of the four.


3  New Growth. It’s lovely to see the blossom on the Amelanchier that we planted last year. It’s going to be very pretty.

Amelanchier Lamarckii

4. Fiddlehead Fern I love the early growth of ferns. This one is in my shady garden  and planted in one of our many chimney pots. I’m told that they are edible but haven’t ever tried them mostly because I want the whole fern fronds in my garden!


  5. Granny’s Bonnets, Aquilegea, Columbine. I love these pretty purple  flowers, remembering them from my childhood. They seem to me to be flowering rather earlier than in previous years but I haven’t been back to check that out as fact! These flowers are edible too and are very pretty in a salad or decorating a cake. The leaves should NOT be eaten. The other varieties that we have, the yellow, the red and whites are not flowering yet.  They self-seed with abandon.

Granny’s Bonnets, Aquilegea, Columbine with Snowflakes behind

6.  More bulb beauties. The purple Tulips have taken over from the yellow Daffodils and join the white Narcissi in the pots up the steps. The white Tulips are a bit behind the white ones.


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