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Google Delight, Summer Soup and Sunflower

We have picked our first Runner Beans today and it being a cold morning rather than a summer’s day, I decided to make soup with the beans. Imagine my delight when I googled Runner Bean Soup to discover my photo of Runner Bean Soup at the top and my blog recipe at No 4! It amuses me to look at my stats and to discover that my Runner Bean Soup recipe has had 21,963 hits, the most successful of all my recipes!  Click the red link if you would like to try it or, Google it and go from there.

Green and orange

One of the comments under my recipe asks if I have ever used a Sweet Potato. Until today, no, but as we had no potatoes in except the sweet kind, I tried it and the soup was equally delicious though a little runnier without the starch from the potato. It wasn’t green either!

Scrumptious home-made soup

We have the last of our Sunflowers in a bowl on the kitchen table – sunshine in a soup bowl!

Sunflower from Angela


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