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A Playlist to Reflect My Week

Being stuck indoors with a wild hoolie blowing outside makes it harder to take photos of beautiful things so today I have decided to take up the challenge of The Daily Prompt from WordPress – today – show us your week in a playlist of five. Please click on the red links to hear my choices.

The best thing about my week was going for a walk in the sunshine alongside Gylly Beach. The Beatles with Good Day Sunshine came immediately to mind and that is the song that the lovely Mr S and I met to, across a crowded room in 1966!    Good Day Sunshine

I am so happy to be getting back on my feet again! Pharrell Williams says it for me – and we sing this one at choir.     Happy

Next, I am walking better and better since my op and want to celebrate this with Dire Straits, Walk of Life

I haven’t had one night of full sleep since my operation and am often awake at 3am. It is so good to have my lovely Sister-in-law in America  for whom it is still evening so that we can talk over email.     Wednesday Morning 3am by Simon and Garfunkle

Kirsty MacColl’s Days is my last one. My choir are learning this one in my absence and one of my very good friends kindly sends me mp3s of my part so that I can be learning it at home. Thanks, J.      Days

I would love to hear your playlist! I’d like to direct you to a lovely song I heard today by Ladysighs. Do go over and have a listen.

Have a look and a listen here to discover other people’s playlists.

Playlist of the Week


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Tulips, Ginger and Pledge 2015

One of our lovely neighbours brought me some beautiful pinky-purple tulips last night. N, you are a treasure!

Beautiful tulips

Beautiful tulips

I love crystallised ginger! Eating (many) pieces like these has been my special recuperation treat!

Crystallised ginger from the health food shop

Crystallised ginger from the health food shop

I pledge to live more by these 3 principles in 2015: to show kindness and respect, strive for wisdom, and practice gratitude. If this idea interests you, click on the link to sign up too. I hope lots of you do.



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Music, Woodburner and A Good Read

I missed choir again this morning but my check-up is next Monday so I might just make it next week.

Music is what feelings sound like

It has been another cold day with hailstones hammering on the windows so we’ve had the wood-burner on and read all afternoon. I’ve made good progress into Robert Galbraith’s The Cuckoo’s Calling. It is J K Rowling’s first novel for adults and is proving to be very enjoyable.



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Visit, Moth and Frog

It has been a grey day today with a bitter wind blowing so we haven’t ventured out but a lovely friend from choir did and came to visit this morning bringing with her some Narcissi bulbs growing in a pot, my favourites! Thank you so much, S, for cheering me up this morning. We will nurture them into flowering and then I will show you.

My photos today are from our visit to Atlanta last year when we went to the Botanical Gardens.


There were frogs like this all over the garden. I loved this one reading to his froglet. I love how the froglet is all snuggled up to enjoy the story. I’m missing our Grandbabies snuggling up for a good read.


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A Good Read, A Walk and A Bullfinch

I have just finished one of those books that one doesn’t want ever to end, one where one really cares about the characters. It is ‘Delicious’ by Ruth Reichl and was recommended by a good friend in Vermont.

Mr S went for a proper walk today along the Great Flat Lode and took some photos for me to show me what is waiting for me up there.


The Great Garden Bird Watch was this weekend but we couldn’t do it then so we spent an hour today. We saw thirteen different species in the hour including a pair of Bullfinches and a Buzzard.



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Hollow Tree, Lichen and Snowdrops

We thought our short walk today was going to be level but it is very interesting that when you are on crutches, the places you thought were easy and flat are in fact on an incline! We went along Church Lane from St Euny Church, the start of one of our favourite walks.
I wondered what might live in the hollow tree.

Occasional sunbeams lit up the lichen on the gravestones.

There were several clumps of snowdrops among the stones, lovely signs of Spring.



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Lunch and Breathing

Two very good friends brought their lovely company and a scrumptious lunch today and there was lots of laughter and chatting and good eating. Thank you very much J&M.

I had a brilliant walk yesterday but rather overdid it so this cartoon seemed to fit me well today.



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Gylly Beach, Statue and Osteospermum

It is quite hard in Cornwall to find flat places to walk which is what I need right now. It was another gloriously bright winter day and we went to Falmouth to walk along Cliff Road along the edge of Gylly Beach with views from St Anthony and Pendennis Castle backalong to Maenporth and beyond. What a happy bunny I am to be able to get out and walk, however slowly and for not very long, but hey! It’s a very good start!




Walking along the road I spotted a delightful statue in a garden that I haven’t noticed before.I love the way the fabric of her dress folds and the weave of the basket.

The cliffs are already beginning to show their flowers. In a little while they will be covered in white and yellow blooms.



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Smiles, Friends and Cake

1. A choir friend sends me lots of cartoons to make me smile – laughter being the best medicine. This one appealed to me especially. Thanks, J.

Apparently, it was National Hugs Day a few days ago and I missed it. Please consider yourselves hugged!
2. Two very good friends, N and G, called in today and we talked and laughed and hugged! More medicine for the soul.
3 They also brought cake! T had baked one of my favourites, Lemon Drizzle cake and it is, of course, delicious! Thanks, T.


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Sea Air, Gorse and Waves

It was a beautiful bright, crisp winter day today so we decided a trip to breathe in some wonderful sea air was in order. It was just so lovely to be standing on the cliffs near St Agnes Beacon, listening to the waves crashing below and breathing in slowly and deeply, relishing every moment outdoors in the winter sunshine.

The gorse in the hedgerows was a glorious golden yellow, lane after lane lined with the golden glow.

After being on the cliffs we drove down to Chapel Porth where the waves were tipped with sunlight as they rolled ever inwards. There is something mesmerising and healing about watching the endless movement.

My choir sang for me over the phone again this morning. I so appreciate hearing them singing and am longing for the day when I can join them again, if only for a part of a session! Thank you, Suitcase Singers and Sue.


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