Daily Archives: January 8, 2015

Singing, Rainbows and Narcissi

I was very happy this morning to be able to sit in our sun room for an hour, watching the birds and feeling the sun through the glass, first time in a fortnight. One of my lovely choir friends called me on the phone and The Suitcase Singers sang for me which just about made my happiness complete! Thank you all so much.
Our delicate Christmas cactus still has a few blooms.

As the low sun was streaming in through the windows, it was catching the crystal that hangs there and rainbows were being thrown around the room. I tried several photos and was delighted by the serendipity of the rainbow catching one of the seagulls on the rooftops of our driftwood houses, a delightful piece by Jo Perry.

Mr S found more flowers on the doorstep this afternoon. This time they were glorious Cornish Narcissi which have filled the sunroom with their delicious scent. They came with a note marking our 6th anniversary of moving to this house and were from our lovely next door neighbours who made us feel so welcome from that very first evening.



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