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Peace, Next Door’s Cat and Last Night

1    This morning the BBC news programme that we listen to every day, Today, had a very interesting Guest Editor, P J Harvey, and her programme was brilliant! You could listen to clips here if you wish.  There were several poems included but this one stopped me in my tracks. What an oxymoronic thing to do – to fight for peace.


Peace they say.
Peace of mind?
Peace of earth?
Peace of what kind?

I see them talking arguing, fighting –
What kind of peace are they looking for?
Why do they kill? What are they planning?

Is it just talk? Why do they argue?
Is it so simple to kill? Is this their plan?

Yes, of course!
They talk, they argue, they kill –
They fight for peace.

Shaker Abdurraheem Aamer, Guantanamo detainee

Shaker Abdurraheem Aamer is on hunger strike in Guantamamo. He has been accused of nothing and we feel very angry that he is there at all.

2   We went next door for mince pies and met their new cats for the first time. What beautiful creatures. I am looking forward to sharing them!



3   It’s D&A’s last night with us. They leave on the 10 o’clock train in the morning to fly home to Barcelona, the last of our family to leave. Terrific storms are forecast, just like the day they arrived, so we are half expecting the trains not to be running in which case we will drive them up to Bristol and have a couple of extra hours with them!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

This Seagull represents JOY to me. You may find that strange so I will explain. When I lived away from Cornwall, the call of a seagull brought home into my head and with it the sea and the sand and the cliffs and everything that Cornwall means to me.



My Mum loved Cornwall as much as I do and when we knew she was dying, the whole family came from all over the world to see her. When my brother and I went to register her death, a Seagull walked into the office before we could close the door and we joked that it was Mum, come to make sure we did everything properly. We had a family outing to St Ives a day or two later and a single Seagull came to sit on the car while we getting the parking ticket. We joked that Mum was there with us to enjoy St Ives with us as she had done so often and at the wonderfully moving  Humanist Celebration of her life, there in the garden was a solitary Seagull…….    Mum is with us still and still brings me joy.


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