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Hyacinth, Card and A Winding Road

1   The first of the hyacinths that I planted some weeks ago is just coming into flower and smells lovely. If you click the red link you’ll see what they looked like on November 22nd.

Hyacinth coming into bloom

Hyacinth coming into bloom

2   I took the Christmas cards down today and was again struck by the quotation from Simon Dach on this one from my dear sister-in-law. It’s what we do for each other even though we are many miles apart – Atlanta, Georgia and Cornwall, UK.  If you’d like to know more of the poem and the poet, click here

We will stand together

We will stand by each other

3    This beautiful painting came into my Fb page today and I was amazed to read that it was done by a 7 year old. She and her Mum have given permission for me to feature it here today – thank you very much to you both.  I especially love the way Anishka has used colour in the trees which is echoed in the hills and the way the perspective works. This would make a very beautiful embroidery and is quite inspiring!

Anishka's painting. She's a very talented seven year old.

Anishka’s painting. She’s a very talented seven year old.

These are the lovely messages from Anishka  and her Mum -“Anishka has a few words to share with you………….

I really want to be artist when I am older because i love art.I drew a house there because houses are usually built near grass.I chose the colours because they remind me about summer.  I did trees because I felt it looked 3D.

………. all her own words and typing and I loved listening to her spell because (Birds Eat Custard And Usually Scrambled Egg) How cool is that! Hope this helps, let me know if you need anymore info! x” Anishka’s Mum is an artist herself and you can find her work here.

I’ve ticked the ‘super-awesome’ button on today’s post. I don’t know what it does but feel that Anishka’s work deserves to be seen. By the way, I don’t know this family – only serendipitously ‘met’ them through Fb today.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Black and white photos attract the smallest of readers. This is the beginning of reading at 2 weeks old!

For others in this challenge, click here.


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