Daily Archives: January 24, 2014

Painting, Earrings and Soup

I had such a lovely day planned – piano lesson followed by Laughter Yoga and then an evening at Tate St Ives with friends but I have been struck down by some lurgy. Today you have beautiful things I can see from my bed!
1. A painting by Guiliana Lazzerini which I love.

Purple Shadows by Guiliana Lazzerini
2. My cork board of earrings.

Some of my collection of earrings

Some of my collection of earrings

3. For this last one, you have to use your imagination…. Christmas Leftovers Soup from the freezer for lunch, absolutely delicious and recuperative.

I’d like to say I’ve spent the time catching up on all the unread blogs out there but truth be told, I’ve been sleeping most of the day away.


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