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Bird Table, Peace Poem and Embroidered Bees

1   We’ve been looking for a new bird table for some time and yesterday found one we both liked. It has already attracted a couple of small visitors.

New bird table

New bird table

2   Amy Witting / Joan Levick wrote this evocative poem, Peace. I was delighted to learn that  this Australian writer chose the surname ‘Witting’ because of a promise she made to herself to never be ‘unwitting’, to always remain conscious of everything in her life – which is what I try to do here in my blog. I can’t put the whole poem here because of copyright but here’s the link so that you can read all ten lovely lines.


At the ship’s bow. It was my eye that drew
the perfect circle of blue meeting blue.
……………….Stillness all around.
Only the perfect circle and the mast.
That moment knew no future and no past.

3   L gave me this beautiful embroidered little container but neither of us could think how I might use it. Then I thought – a jam jar of water and a bunch of Cornish daffodils so here they are!

Flowers and bees

Flowers and bees


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