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Cornish Cream, Storm Drive and A Wish Tree

1    Our lovely neighbour went shopping after our visit last evening and left a very welcome present of Cornish Cream on our door knocker for D&A to take home to Barcelona.

Rodda's Cornish cream

Rodda’s Cornish cream – thank you Sue!

2   As expected, huge storms hit Cornwall overnight and today causing a signal failure that meant no trains were leaving this morning so we drove D&A up to Exeter in the vilest weather – thunder, lightning, hailstones and driving rain – and then a beautiful double rainbow, hard to catch through the windows of a moving car!

part of the rainbow

Part of the rainbow

The very full River Exe

The very full River Exe

The weir on the Exe

The wild weir on the Exe

3   While in Exeter, having seen D&A safely on to the train for Bristol Airport,  we did a bit of shopping and saw this delightful Wish Tree in John Lewis. The wishes from Amelie and Samantha are very touching.

The Wish Tree

The Wish Tree


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