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Feeling Fine, Wonderful Words and Year of the Horse

1   “Woke up this morning feeling fine!” after a poorly week. Cue the music. I saw the lovely Herman’s Hermits in a tiny venue in 1963!

Thanks to Lynne for this one

Thanks to Lynne for this one

2   I’ve spent a great deal of time this last week lollygagging and I’d  hate you to think that I’m bloviating in this post or that I am dealing in skullduggery in an attempt to bumfuzzle you but I just want to tell you what pleasure I have had indulging my logophilia this week!    Be certain, my very beautiful friends, that I do not intend to honeyfuggle you; just to share with you the delights of AWAD, A Word A Day, where a word is sent to subscribers’ inboxes every day. Click here to subscribe. It’s free!

3   It’s Chinese New Year today so Happy New Year of the Horse to all my lovely readers. Click here for twelve songs about horses starting with The Rolling Stones ‘Wild Horses’. Here, too, are some photos of horses, just for your pleasure!

Lollygagging –  spending time lazily
Bloviate – to speak pompously
Skullduggery – trickery
Bumfuzzle – to confuse
Honeyfuggle – to deceive by flattery


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