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Hollyhock, Impressionist Flowers and Home Again

1   Taking J to Nursery this morning, we stopped for a while to watch this pollen-laden bee make his way to the Hollyhocks.

Coming in to land

Coming in to land

2   On Saltash Station, there is a small rowing boat planted up with flowers which is quite delightful but the trains we travel on hardly ever stop there. Here’s an impression of the flowers from the moving train.

Boat of flowers from moving train

Boat of flowers from moving train

3  Home again and the poppy has lost almost all its petals and there is now a richly textured seed head beginning to take shape.

Velvet seed head

Velvet seed head

We’ve been away for a few days. I will get to all your precious comments in the next day or two. Thank you all!


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Breakfast in Piccadilly, Royal Academy and Picnic in the Park 14th July

1. We saw the Greatest Rock and Roll Band In The World ( The Rolling Stones!) in Hyde Park yesterday, stayed overnight in a hotel in Covent Garden and had breakfast in a lovely cafe on Piccadilly as we watched the 10K run go by.


2. From there we went to see The Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy, a real treat. I loved this ‘Enebriated Owl’.



3. KJ met us at the station and took us to meet the family for a picnic in the park. What a beautiful day!



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