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Strawberry Jam, Visitors and Dance in the Gardens

1   I finished off the strawberry jam today – delicious!

Strawberry Jam 20th July 2013

Strawberry Jam 20th July 2013

2   We had some lovely visitors today! L and Choir-baby T are back in Cornwall for a week and spent a happy couple of hours with us this morning.  T now has quite a lot of words and was able to ask for milk and to tell us what he was doing in the garden. He also says, “Cheese!” as soon as he sees the camera pointed in his direction!

L and Choir-baby T in the garden

L and Choir-baby T in the garden



3   This evening we went, with friends, to Trebah Gardens to watch The Venus Flower, a dance event performed all the way through the gardens down to the beach. It was a very beautiful production, full of energy and joy. Click on any photo in the gallery for an enlargement.


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