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Turtle, Baby Swallows and Mullein Moth Caterpillar

1   On this gloriously sunny day we went to visit friends for a Pool Party!  The sun lit up the surface of the water and made a lovely turtle shaped shadow.

Turtle in the pool

Turtle in the pool

2   There was a nest of swallows in their shed and the babies were just getting ready to fly. Just before we arrived there were five babies lined up on the beam. When we went in to look, one little baby was clinging to the wall and another was still in the nest but all the others seemed to have flown out into the sunshine to join their parents.

%22I'm staying here in our nest.%22

“I’m staying here in our nest.”

%22How do I get off here now?%22

“How do I get off here now?”

3   Some very beautiful and voracious Mullein Moth caterpillars were devouring Scrophularia nodosa – there was hardly a leaf to be seen, just a few flowers left. There were at least a dozen on each plant, very busily munching away.

Mullein moth caterpillar having shredded Scrophularia nodosa

Mullein Moth Caterpillar shredding Scrophularia Nodosa


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