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Lego, Paddington and Original Decor

We have spent much of the last weekend building Lego with Second Biggest Live-Wire and this magnificent Police Station is the result.

J's Police Station

J’s Police Station

We leave for Cornwall via Paddington Station and just love this bronze of the lovely Paddington Bear made famous in the book — and later, the 1970s TV animation –which  introduced Paddington like this: On one fated day, the Brown family happened upon a lonely bear at Paddington Railway Station in London. This bear was a stowaway, traveling from “Darkest Peru” to the United Kingdom after his former guardian, Aunt Lucy, moved into a Home for Retired Bears. Inspired by the child evacuees in London fleeing the war, he had only a suitcase and a note that read: “Please look after this bear. Thank you.”
The book by Michael Bond was a great favourite of our children.  I like the pun too as the station is re-furbished.

Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear

The waiting room was apparently once gloriously painted in gilt and bright colours. There is just a small preserved section now.

The original and very beautiful decoration of the waiting room where we had coffee and a Pain au Raisin while waiting for our train home.

The original and very beautiful decoration of the waiting room where we had coffee and a Pain au Raisin while waiting for our train home.

Information about the waiting room which was once the private waiting area of Queen Victoria

Information about the waiting room which was once the private waiting area of Queen Victoria


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Contrast

I loved the serendipitous contrasts that happened here in the Natural History Museum in London as our little 3 year old Granddaughter was admiring the skeleton of the enormous 125 million year old Pliosaur!

Grand-baby T at The Natural History Museum

Grand-baby T at The Natural History Museum

For more in this interesting challenge, click here.


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Tate Britain, Royal Academy and Sunflower

1    It was our Gallery Day today so we started off in Tate Britain to see the fabulous Folk Art exhibition (where photos were not allowed) and the Turner galleries, always a favourite.

Tate Britain

Tate Britain

2   Next it was off to the Royal Academy for the Summer Exhibition, a feast of modern art, about 1000 pieces of art – some clever, some quirky, those that made us laugh and those that made us gasp, protest pieces and dramatic pieces and in an enormous range of media. The ones that have stuck in my mind are the wonderful Cake Man by Yinka Shonibare, a very moving transcript of an Eddie Mair interview with Dr David Nott, a conflict zone surgeon, made into a huge canvas by Bob and Roberta Smith, an enormous piece of charred sequoia called Tumble block by David Nash where the wood grain was enhanced but the way the charcoal absorbed light and a beautiful little etching called Midsummer which was affordable! Sadly, though the sign said 100 were available and there were only about 50 red spots on it (meaning sold), when I went to enquire they said that the artist, Flora MacLachlan, had only released 57 to the gallery to sell. That was a disappointment. However, as the lovely Mr S said as we left, ‘That was a really uplifting few hours!’

Cake Man

Cake Man

Charred sequoia

Charred sequoia

All schools by Bob and Roberta Smith

All schools by Bob and Roberta Smith

3   On our way round the back of the RA to see the photos of Dennis Hopper , the burst of colour from the sunflowers on every cafe table was a delight to see.




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Weekly Photo Challenge – Split Second Story

An elderly couple on Piccadilly in London, opposite The Ritz Hotel, wondering which of the cakes to take home for tea.  Last time they were here they had the delicious and delicate macarons, this time ………   Or dare they go across the road to The Ritz and have their famed (but very, very, expensive) Afternoon Tea? It is, after all, their Wedding Anniversary day out, ………

Choosing cakes

Choosing cakes

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Busker, Ice Skating and Science Museum

1 On our way to the Science Museum this morning, T was entranced by the busker and took him some money.


2 Outside the Natural History Museum was a seasonal ice rink where people were having a lot of fun. I have always admired ice skating and even more, roller booting, something I have always wanted to try.


3. The Science Museum kept us all amused for hours! From Stephenson’s Rocket to the Apollo Capsule and all the hands-on activities for the children – it’s a brilliant place to spend a day.







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Manet Exhibition, Burlington Arcade and P J Crook

1. We loved the Manet exhibition at The Royal Academy, my favourites being the portraits of Berthe Morisot whose work I also admire. The building is very beautiful too.

2. We had never been in The Burlington Arcade before. It is carpeted! Walking through was so quiet after the buzz of London streets. There were uniformed attendants who were happy to have their photo taken and a shoe-shine stand. I loved the gloves and the fan in a shop display.

3 Through the arcade is Cork Street, a street lined with art galleries. In one we discovered the work of P J Crook which I just fell in love with. Her paintings overflow onto the frames and are just brilliant, full of imagination and wonder and all sorts of detail.









Posting from my iPad is a challenge! I’ll put captions to my photos when we return home.


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Being Tourists in London, The Cutty Sark and Greenwich

We’ve had a beautiful day! We’ve been tourists in London, visiting the amazing Cutty Sark and walking around Greenwich so I’m going to tell the story with photos – many more than 3 beautiful things today! Please click on any photo for an enlargement.

The Cutty Sark

The very beautiful keel

Collection of figureheads

Beautiful rustic sculpture, I guess of the family left behind when the sailor went to sea. There is no plaque to give a name or to attribute the sculptor


Tea chests on the second deck. It was very odd how we both felt the ship was moving!

The Cutty Sark was brought to Falmouth 1922 in and rescued by the Dowman family

From The Falmouth Times 1922 Catharine Dowman was a Suffragette, like my Great Granny!

Beautiful treads on the steps

They kept pigs on board for fresh meat!

Patched wood

One Tree Hill, a viewpoint used by many artists including Turner

Squirrel in Greenwich Gardens

A Triffid perhaps?

Ship in a Bottle at The National Maritime Museum

We’ve gone through The Greenwich Foot Tunnel (not beautiful but very efficient) to see this view of Greenwich from Island Gardens on the North of the river


Riding The Docklands Light Railway was amazing! Do you know, the trains have no drivers!!


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