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Lemons, Buttercups and A Meeting

1    Choc Chip Uru sent this along today and I love it – both for its philosophy and because I love lemons and cooking with lemons as you will see from my recipe pages!  You can add Lemon Curd, Lemon Butter Cake, Lemony Courgettes and more to that list!

When life gives you lemons

When life gives you lemons

2   Our lovely horses in the back field (not really ours, we just like to pretend!) are up to their knees in buttercups!  Do horses have knees?

In the buttercup field

In the buttercup field

3    Our Grandbabies have met each other for the first time tonight – three little cousins together – so delightful!

Stroking their baby cousin

Stroking their baby cousin


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More Goodbyes, Pink and Unknown Flower

1   The Munich branch of the family left this morning – more tears, more hugs……

First cousins hug

2   So many pink flowers on the walk back from the park

Dog rose

Nutmeg flower

Lovely pale pink rose

3   This afternoon I found this, as yet unknown, flower in among the broad beans and their companion planting of Limnanthus (poached egg plant)  Anyone out there know what it is?

Beautiful blue veining


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Vegetable Garden, Family and Little Cousins

1   The beautiful Tabitha loved walking around all the paths in the vegetable garden though she had to make her way through, to her,  a jungle of broad beans and rocket.

Investigating the vegetable garden

2  While the children played on the beach, the ‘grown-ups’ had a drink in the Blue Bar!

My lovely brother and sister-in-law

3   The cousins, who have never met before, are having a whale of a time! As I write, they are in the bath together and all I can hear is lovely laughter, shrieks of delight and splashing water!

Cousins in conversation

PS To all my lovely readers, followers and commenters – I will be very busy this week and I plan to post my blog but won’t have time to read or comment on all the interesting blogs I follow. Forgive me for a week! I will be back…….


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A Funeral, Cousins and Driving in London

1  The eulogy given by Susan at the funeral of Mr S’s Aunt Edith was very touching and reminded us all of the lovely Aunt and Great Aunt she was, of her sense of humour and her keen interest in all that we all got up to.

2  Despite the occasion it was lovely to see all the cousins, to catch up on all the news and to agree that we must meet together each year and not wait for another funeral.

3  Driving back from Cranleigh the sky was crisscrossed  with vapour trails which turned pink as the sun set, never seen anything quite like it before.

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