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Poppy, Salad and Night Scented Stock

There was a beautiful poppy petal on the path as I went out to the shed.

Another delicious flowery salad today of broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, allotment-grown cucumber (a gift from a neighbouring plot today), slivered almonds and borage flowers with a balsamic dressing.

The wonderfully perfumed Night Scented Stocks are now opening in the evenings and filling the path with loveliness. My Mum always grew these and so the scent brings her here into our garden. One of our daughters often woke at about ten in the evening ¬†and her Dad, the lovely Mr S, used to take her out into the garden in her pjs to smell the ‘night flowers’ before taking her back to bed where she fell straight back to sleep – lovely memories. .


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