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Bluebell, Clematis and Bombylius Major

1   Our first Bluebell is just about to open. I love bluebells.

Our first Bluebell

Our first Bluebell

2    There are lots of pretty blue and white Clematis Macropetala flowers in the front garden.

Clematis Macropetala

Clematis Macropetala

3    While taking more photos for the Weekly Photo Challenge, I could hear buzzing so set off to find the bumblebee. I had never seen a bee like this with such a long proboscis so came to look it up and discovered that it may be beautiful to look at, it is not beautiful in its behaviour and it isn’t actually a bee but a Bee Fly.

Bombylius Major on the Lithodora, Heavenly Blue

Bombylius Major on the Lithodora, Heavenly Blue

Another view - Bombylius Major

Another view – Bombylius Major on the Rosemary, showing the wings

According to  Wikipedia, The large bee fly, Bombylius major, is a bee mimic. The eggs are flicked by the adult female toward the entrance of the underground nests of solitary bees and wasps. After hatching, the larvae find their way into the nests to feed on the grubs.[1]



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Weekly Photo Challenge – Up through the flowers

Looking up into the sky through the Muscari

Looking up through the Muscari


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