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Through a Wet Window, A Sand-dollar and Sakura

1    We have rain today and our Spring flowers, Miniature Daffodils and Grape Hyacinths, look beautiful through the rainy window pane.

Tete a Tete through a rainy window

Tete a Tete through a rainy window

2     Doing a bit of Spring cleaning today, I came upon this lovely little sand-dollar on a top shelf. It’s over 30 years since our first visit to America to see my brother and we discovered the delicacy of sand-dollars on the beach near Savannah.


Savannah Sand Dollar, only 3 cms across

Savannah Sand Dollar, only 3 cms across

3   Our perpetual travel diary tells us that today is when the Japanese celebrate their spectacular Cherry Blossom, Sakura.    A bit of research shows me that the cherry blossom season last for some weeks but I wanted to share the beautiful poem that is on our calendar today.

From the deep hearts’ core
Of the spring serenity,
Splendid, resplendent,
A perfume has arisen –
The mountain cherry blossoms!

 Kamo no Mabuchi, poet
24 April 1697 – 27 November 1769

Wishing all my Japanese readers a beautiful and sensuous Cherry Blossom season.


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