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Reading, Flowers and A Colourful Duck

1   T loves the little chair that, 40 years ago, belonged to our eldest and chose a small book from my cookery shelves to read this morning.



2    This beautiful Hellebore was in a neighbour’s garden and today we have sun!  It was remarkable shining through the deep purple.


3    We all met for lunch at Miss Peapod’s today and there were Cornish daffodils for sale. I bought some for KJ to take home tomorrow to remind her of these lovely few days in Cornwall.

Cornish Daffodils

Cornish Daffodils

4     This afternoon, while T and her Mum slept the afternoon away, still suffering with the virus, we went off to Mylor, one of our favourite places (of which more tomorrow)  This Mallard’s colours were beautifully lit up by the sun.Mallard Duck

Mallard Duck

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