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Last Night’s Moon, Nest Building and A Miniature Horse

1   I was catching up with blogs late last night and discovered Alastair’s post about a pink moon. That made me realise that the moon was just past full. I looked out of the window to discover a beautiful big moon, low in the sky and almost full and so out I went to capture it if possible. I have no tripod so this is far from perfect but I love the way it shines through the foliage.

Last night's moon

Last night’s moon

2   We saw this pair of Jackdaws yesterday. He was working so hard collecting for the nest while she sat there appearing to say, “Well, keep going! That’s not enough yet!”

"Is this enough?"

“Is this enough?”

%22okay! That'll do for now!%22

“Okay! That’ll do for now!”

3   Working in the front garden this afternoon, we heard a soft neighing and looked up to see this tiny horse going by. The owner was very happy to hold him still so that I could take a photo and told us that his name was Boris.

Beautiful little Boris

Beautiful little Boris


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