Ice, Singing and Friends

Yesterday, one of our dear friends shared the following photo, nature’s beauty indeed. I think it’s a Physalis.

Photo by N, thank you

We sang one of my favourite pieces today, a version of Pachelbel’s Canon as learned at a workshop at WOMAD some years ago.  This video was made by a friend in the sopranos – sorry it’s sideways but it does sound lovely as each part is added to the whole. Thank you, S.  I love to sing all the parts in turn except the high soprano!

Our Ukrainian friends are back and we are all so happy!


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Snowdrops, Ice and Irises

Snowdrops, of course, survived the snowfall of yesterday.

The melty ice is always pretty.

Our Iris Reticulata are braving the weather too – it’s so good to see signs of Spring.


Snowy Day in Cornwall

We woke to 4″ of snow and that lovely quietness that descends when the snow falls. Enjoy some of the snowy patterns in our garden.


Clouds and A Rainbow

We woke to some lovely peachy clouds – and no rain!

There was a really heavy hailstorm this morning with sunshine and I wondered if hail and sun can make a rainbow. It seems they can but very palely. You’ll have to look hard!


Beach, Car and Hyacinths

Daughter No 1 came to visit for the day to celebrate Christmas, New Year and my birthday, all missed for one reason or another so, despite the hailstones, the rain and the hoolie blowing, we went to the beach for a brief walk.

M always looks after my 18 year old car and today she gave it a really good clean and it looks brand new!

The Hyacinths I planted in the Victorian glasses are all now in flower and the room smells amazing. I love how the roots are all visible

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Life’s Little Instructions

Two steps forward and one step back – but progress is being made…..

Lots of very good ideas here but for us, it would be, “Have a cat” not a dog and I really wish I could call my mother. I do talk to her in my head. Love to all my Dear Readers.

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Kitten, Cookies and Dusk

We went to visit Dear friends today to catch up after many weeks and to meet their new kitten. We both fell in love with him!

Playing, very hard to get a photo

Maybe that’s enough

Feeling a bit sleepy

Nodding off

Out for the count

Isn’t he gorgeous?

Our lovely friend had been baking and sent us home with some of her delicious cookies.

Chocolate and ginger cookies

Later we visited the beach as the rain had stopped and is due again tomorrow so we seized the moment.

Porthtowan at dusk

Remembering my lovely Dad today on his birthday. Here is our bookshelf of his books.



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Wintering, Hibernating, Recovering

This came to me today on Facebook and describes exactly how I have been feeling for the last three weeks as I try to throw off the virus..


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Performances and Bunting

Our Ukrainian friends are coming back to Cornwall. We are so excited!  I love the poster that shows the next tour – Falmouth and Redruth along with Leipzig and Berlin!

I’ve bought lots of lovely bunting to decorate one of the venues.


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Plough Monday, Plough Pudding and A Book

I know it’s Tuesday but couldn’t make Plough Pudding for supper last night so here it is today. It’s a sausagey sage and onion bread pudding that is very tasty. We served it with maple carrots and French peas with lettuce. 

I found the recipe and its history in this year’s Almanac.



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