Horses, January Shadows and Evening Sunshine

Near the start of our walk late this afternoon, the lovely Mr S spotted a couple of horses way in the distance.

Horses in the distance

We took a long shadow photo for our family in Atlanta, waving to celebrate the news about the Senate.(Edited 8th Jan 2021- To make things quite clear  – I was talking about celebrating the Democrats winning the two Senate seats in Georgia. I was not referring to the disgraceful and frightening behaviour of the mob in Washington.)

Down the lane and nearly home we came to the view of our lovely Town Clock bathed in golden evening sunshine and the viaduct which carries the railway line which runs from Penzance to Paddington.


Dawn, Street Art and Beaded Tree

Lovely peachy clouds as we drew the curtains this morning.

Our walk today, allowed, was into town to collect the bread. It’s the last we’ll do in town for a few months. I spotted a new  street art mask today on a tree outside the clock tower.

We have taken down our Christmas tree but we are leaving up all the twinkly lights, the greenery wreath on the front door and a small white tree filled with South African beaded decorations. They were made by the women, the gogos, the Grandmothers,  in Mapoch where we did our volunteering in 2007. We helped build a new classroom and worked with the children and the teacher.

You can read about some of our experiences here. 


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Sunny Corner, Park and Cathedral

A bitterly cold but happy walk with friends today along theTruro River where the tide was out gave us a lovely view across the inlet to the sun.

Sunny Corner

We walked by Boscawen Park and along the road as far as the sign for Malpas Village coming back to the park for hot chocolates.

There’s a good view of the Cathedral along the drive back.

That’ll be our last walk away from home for a while as we move into another lockdown. Stay safe, dear readers.



Today’s Walk and Happiness Calendar

Today’s walk along the Great Flat Lode (which really was nearly flat to walk on) was also close to home with beautiful views on a gloriously bright and very cold day. We met more people on this walk that on the up and down one nearer to home and exchanged cheery greetings with them all, apparently waking some of them up! We were helping to brighten people’s days as per today’s calendar.  See below.

Through a window

Here is this month’s Happiness Calendar for you.



Engine Houses, Moss and Black Sheep with Socks

A different walk round familiar territory gave us new views of our local engine houses, Wheal Uny.

Wheal Uny engine houses

There are lots of kinds of moss along our walk. I like this one that looks like miniature bracken and the way it has covered a vertical stick or stump.

Moss on a stick

I love this black sheep among a herd of white ones. Happily it stepped aside and to the top of the field so that I could catch it on camera alone.

Such a cuddly looking black sheep



New Year’s Day in our Garden and on our Walk

Snow fell in the night, just a sprinkling that made the garden pretty.

Our walk was lovely, cold and bright and just what we needed.

Zoom through the tree



Today’s Walk, Camellia Blossoms and Snow

Just the best day! We woke to sunshine, had a traditional birthday breakfast of croissants and after opening my presents and taking calls from our children, we went for a walk at Chapelporth. We took sandwiches with us and had hot chocolates from the cafe (its last day open as too many visitors from higher tier areas.) Just look at that sea!

The road to Chapelporth

The winter storms have scoured the top of the beach of sand and exposed the bedrock


We arrived home to find a card and some glorious camellia blossoms from old friends on the doorstep. They are a more vibrant pink than the photo shows and are flowering in many gardens around us already brightening up the winter.

This afternoon we walked to the allotment and had tea and cake with our lovely neighbour, her sister and another allotmenteer, coming home in a sprinkling of snow which settled briefly on our baby Christmas tree and finding Dear Friends who had called by to drop off my cards. We are so lucky to have so many lovely people in our lives.

Dinner a deux tonight was confit duck, maple glazed carrots and parsnips, kalettes from our garden and baby Cornish potatoes – scrumptious. Dessert is still to come.


Connections, Wreath and An Owl

This appealed to me.

We have a new wreath on the front door. I couldn’t resist it for a number of reasons – one, it’s natural, two, it’s in suffragette colours and three, it was made by an artist friend from Fannie and Fox, the gallery where I have been selling my glass – couldn’t be better really!

Actually, it could! Just look at this wonderful owl decorating someone’s front door. I love it!  My maiden name is Wiseman and our family logo, an owl. I’d love to try this for next year!

Wow! Wol!



Wise Words, Wall Hangings and A Glass Panel

More wise words….

The wall hangings I made for two of the LiveWires have been delivered and well received. Here they are, the first for LiveWire no 4 because she loves her garden and all living things and the second for LiveWire no 3 to recall her wonderful trip to Japan. For some inexplicable reason, I didn’t take a photo of the lined and top-stitched finished article of the  one for No 4. I shall have to get one sent to me. If you zoom in you’ll see the thousands of stitches that I have been sewing, with great delight, off and on since last March!

For LiveWire No2, I made a glass panel of a Cornish engine house.



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A Good Future, Sourdough and A Special Pie

Another piece of timely wisdom from Thich Nhat Hanh came my way today – the beautiful artwork is Evening Swim by Maja Lindberg.

Our lovely neighbour made a Sourdough loaf and gave us half. We had some of it toasted with our lunch of last year’s Christmas Soup. Christmas Soup is a family favourite of turkey stock made from the bones and then everything ‘leftover’ ( potatoes, carrots, parsnips, chestnuts, sausages, stuffing, bread sauce, gravy, turkey meat and everything else but the sprouts) whizzed up to make a thick meal in a bowl. This year we had a duck, there being only two of us but I had frozen and hidden(!) two pint pots of this special treat.

Sue’s Sourdough loaf

I made a pie tonight – Duck and Lentil – and it was delicious! Many years ago we were on holiday in France, in a gite in a Penne D’Agenais, a fortified medieval hilltop town on the banks of the Lot River and in a little restaurant there had some amazing Duck and Lentil pie. This is the first time I have tried to replicate it and it was a great success, setting off lots of lovely memories.

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