A Day in Guimaraes ……

…. A UNESCO World Heritage site. Porto’s train  station is glorious, covered in tiles which tell of the local history. A train ride took us to the pretty site of the castle and the palace, through narrow streets and up challenging hills. Join us on our walk.

This is my favourite of all the tiles.

We were on part of a Pilgrims’ Way.


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Another Day in Porto

A bus ride, a long walk along the coast, a tram ride, a tasty lunch and to and fro on the ferry – a busy day again.

Speciality Portuguese dessert, Pao de Lo, very special indeed.

Street art on our way to Croft’s for Port tasting.

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Walkabout in Porto

Some treats fron today for you…….

Beautiful paper poetry sculpture in the Lello bookshop.

I have never before seen a sculpture with glasses on!

The wash basin in the cafe where we stopped for lunch on the side of the Douro River.

Trees on the skyline seen from the boat trip.

A fabulous Dylanesque busker and a cat.we stayed so long listening , we lost the group but we found them again at the top of the hill. Ourfirstday has been fabulous full of information and fun. Our team leader is brilliant! ­čÖé 

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Flight, Porto and Pudding

After a two hour flight we landed in the warmth of Portuguese sunshine, had a walk near our hotel to orient ourselves and went out for dinner, delicious especially the pudding!


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English Countryside and Airport Sunset

It’s a five hour train journey from Cornwall to the metropolis and we love every minute, watching the world go by, reading the paper and our novels. Here is a glimpse from the train of our glorious green countryside.

Tomorrow we fly to Portugal for a walking holiday, four nights in Porto and five nights in Lisbon. The sunset from our hotel room was quite dramatic.


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Harvest Moon, Hydrangea and Suffragette Garden

The Harvest Moon was glorious last night. I had thought it was the Hunter’s Moon but then I discovered this:

This year’s autumnal equinox came on September 22nd, making October 5th the Harvest moon because it is the closest full moon in the calendar.While October is usually reserved for the Hunter’s moon, this year we got a late Harvest moon.The Hunter’s moon will take place on November 3.

Harvest Moon through the trees

I love how Hydrangeas are just as lovely as they start to fade.

Hydrangea for Patti

Our suffragette Garden has purple and white at the same time for a day or two! Spring is its best season but the Japanese Anemones are just still in flower as theTibouchina Urvilleana have just started to bloom.

Japanese Anemone


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Pasty, House Name and Sunset and A P.S.

I spotted this ‘pasty’ in the car park after singing this morning.

The driver was sitting in the van and was amused to see me taking a photo.

We went to Porthtowan for a cliff walk and supper at The Blue Bar tonight as I wanted to see the sunset. I loved one of the house names up the side of the path.


The waves were good and splashy against the rocks and the sunset was gorgeous. Click on a photo see the detail.

P.S. As I was writing this, a message came in on Facebook which made me very happy. Apparently it is World Teachers’ Day and one of my ex pupils has named me for the help I gave her. It is lovely to be remembered so.

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