Marmalade, Supper and A Spider

My Dad was in the kitchen with me again today as he always is when I make marmalade. He was the marmalade maker in our house every January when the Seville oranges came in and I started helping when I was about 9 years old. I earned a Brownie Badge for some I made. These oranges have been in the freezer for the last ten months.

I keep checking on the Sweet Potatoes at the allotment so that we harvest as the leaves go yellow. Today I spotted a courgette that we had missed and it was rather large! I decided to treat it as a small marrow and stuffed it with a lentil ragu, topped it with cheese and baked it. It was delicious. Click for a bigger picture..


For those of you who are arachnophobes, read no more! This beauty was hanging out near the Kalettes, not ready for a few months yet.



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Today, Berries and A Poem


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Found, Flower Baskets and A Garden

Walking up the lane, we saw some unexpected colour in the hedge and discovered a little lost toy waving at us.

Today’s route from town brought us past St Rumon’s gardens. I love the stone work and the hanging baskets.

On the way back up the hill, we pass this rather exotic garden, Dracaena Palms, Banana plants and in Spring, a huge magnolia.



Gayageum, A Walk and A Rainbow

Cerys Matthews played this piece this morning on her Radio 6 programme and we both loved it so I thought you, Dear Reader, might like it too. The instrument is new to me and I love the sound.

We managed a walk between showers yesterday past St Euny and up along some of the Great Flat Lode.

And today, another with very heavy showers, brought us a rainbow.


Six+ on Saturday 2.10.21

There will be a few more than six today as yesterday I took photos of everything in flower on the first of the month as a record. Some of the labels are either lost or outside in the rainy dark, sorry!  If you’d like to see others’ posts on the Six on Saturday theme, pop over to The Propagator and see the links in the comments.



Dragon, Bee and A Gift

We were stuck in traffic just near the turning to home when I spotted something on the side of the old Fire Station. Zooming in, I could see it was a baby dragon with a lovely cheeky expression.

I photographed every flower in the garden as a reminder of what is in flower on October 1st. On the Verbena Bonariensis was a lovely, furry  and totally absorbed bee.

We have wild hoolies forecast for the weekend so we went down to the allotment to collect the last few beans and to knock over the structure where we wanted it to fall so that the storm would have less say.  There are still masses of gorgeous white Dahlias so I left a big bunch at the gate of our next-door neighbours.


Path, Street Art and Leonard Cohen

On my way to collect my beloved Beetle from our local garage, I went past a favourite lane, covered in wet Autumn leaves.

Further up the road, I had been told to look out for something that I would enjoy seeing. It was this delightful Dalmation guarding  what at a first quick glance looked like people at the beach. It wasn’t until I came home and zoomed in on the photo that I realised it was Dorothy and her pals at the end of the yellow brick road, a lovely humorous continuation of the yellow line on the road.

For those of my dear Readers who also like Leonard Cohen, I really enjoyed reading about him in The Guardian today in their ‘My Best Shot’ feature. The photographer is Ian Cook and  this is his story.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



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Magnolia, Snake Bark and A Sign

Walking through the gardens at Burncoose nursery was a delight, so many beautiful trees. A huge magnolia caught our attention.

Another beautiful specimen was one we think is a Snake Bark Maple. The bark was gorgeous. We used to identify it. If anyone can confirm or tell us different, we’d be happy to learn. .

Later, when I went to collect some veg for dinner from the allotment, I spotted a sign on a neighbour’s plot and we completely agree!



Triangle, Nasturtiums and Canna

Sitting in the sun room, watching the downpour that was stopping me plant the Narcissi, I saw how the light had caught the wrapper on the bulbs – and only at the one angle.

Next door’s Nasturtiums are creeping over the wall again and we love the colour they bring to that corner.

Our Canna is flowering!



Roses, Raspberries and A Rainbow

Last night’s storm took down our last roses so I brought them in, a little tattered but still beautiful  and still smelling so sweet.

One of our lovely neighbours at the allotment gave us some raspberries, red and golden ones and we had them just with a little cream – delicious. 

We were singing at the eco park tonight, “Look on the sunny side of life” when someone spotted a rainbow.


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