Bird Watching, Sunset and A Poem

Most feeders were empty this morning so the Goldfinches weren’t visiting. This seemed to make the Great Tits braver and three took it in turns to come for peanuts.

Walking up from the allotment this evening, the sun was setting behind Carn Brea.

Carn Brea Castle and the Bassett Monument

I found this poem very moving.


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Singing, Mixture and Cake

It was so good to be singing again in the barn with The Ingleheart Singers this afternoon. We learned a wonderful African piece and I’ll send you the recording as soon as I can.

No cake in the house! That’s not good so I planned on making a favourite Blueberry Streusel Coffee Cake only we didn’t have enough blueberries and no lemon. So, here we have a very pretty mixture and, later, Blueberry and Raspberry with Lime cake.


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Hope, Positivity and Confirmation

We have several daffodil bulbs up and with buds!

Good advice from Gandhi.

My brother has written today to confirm the story I told you yesterday.  How Sidney Poitier came to hear of Mum’s work, we don’t know  except that she was known within the teaching world for her excellence in teaching deaf children. My brother thinks he had a deaf child himself and wanted to know from the best how to help her.


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Sidney Poitier, Family History and Special Skill

Sidney Poitier, actor, activist and humanitarian, died yesterday. I loved his films and his philosophy. What a treasure he was for the world.


As a result of a brief comment on Facebook this morning, I have had the most interesting day.

My sister wrote on Fb , “My Mum met him – it was a highlight of her life! She taught deaf children in a very innovative way. Sidney Poitier heard about her and came to visit her at the school in Cornwall where she taught. I pay great respects to both of them!”
This lovely memory is not one of mine, sadly. I had left home by then and for some reason, this delightful news didn’t reach me. However, I have been researching all day and have been in conversation with people in Lostwithiel where Mum taught at the time. I have also been back to the family Cuttings Book that my Mum kept so carefully. She was very modest and there are few cuttings about her – the book is full of Dad and the rest of us. Perhaps the visit didn’t make the local newspaper.. 

The book opens with Mum and Dad’s wedding.

There are some pieces about Mum’s innovative teaching methods and her successes. Here are just a couple of paragraphs. Lots of children are named so I don’t feel I can show the whole articles without permission.


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A View, Colour and Home-Made

How it rained and hailed this morning but we still had lots of fun having breakfast with friends at a favourite venue with the most beautiful view, even without sunshine.

Afterwards we briefly shopped in Truro visiting one of my favourite shops……

I loved the logo on this bag – and this afternoon we made the next two batches of home-made marmalade, another 10lbs or so.

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Window, Fruit and Marmalade Making

On our way back from buying the Seville oranges from our super greengrocer this morning, I spotted an upper window with the following message – good advice..

We bought enough oranges for five recipes worth, two batches today, two tomorrow and one amount frozen for later in the year.  That should last us a year for ourselves and some gifts.

Beautiful Seville Oranges from #TheGrowbox

First two batches made today,  5 x 1lb jars, 10 x middle sized ones and 13 x tiny ones for special breakfasts of one sort  or another. I love how the process and the smells of the marmalade bring my Dear Dad into the kitchen with me. He was the marmalade maker as I grew up. It was he who encouraged me and watched as I made a batch to earn my badge at Guides.

Still needing labels


Owls, Earrings and More Earrings

We’ve taken down our Christmas tree today and packed everything away for another year. This fragile little owl bauble was my Mum’s and is now very carefully wrapped in tissue and boxed.

When LiveWire No 3 was here before Christmas with her family, she went shopping with her Mum in the lovely little independent shops that we have in Redruth. T chose these earrings for my birthday and I love them. Thank you so much, T..

A friend of many years, and a colleague for many of those, enclosed the following pieces with her Christmas card in the hope that they would be useful for my glass work. They certainly will. I can see the long ones and the sparkly ones enhancing angels already. I shall unpack my workroom again in the next week or so. I’m thinking I shall have to experiment with making owls. There are some perfect beads here for eyes…….

A Ming smile plate with pieces of jewellery. Thank you very much J.



Cards, Stamp and Jug

Friends and family know that I love owls. Here are some that came my way for my birthday.

Thanks L,T and B

Thanks S

Thanks V&P

Thanks S, a delightful addition to my jug collection too, quite difficult to get a good photo.


Footprints, Embroidery and Pudding

One of the bloggers I follow, Judy of wrote today
“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” Eleanor Roosevelt
and, of course, I thought of my Dear Friend, Angie whose footprints will be with me forever.

This amazing piece of embroidery came my way today and I really thought I should share it with you all. I absolutely love it and aspire to do similar…

Embroidered by Jennifer Kennedy Tidd

.These are the words of the very skilled embroiderer:
“I have a finish!
365 icons representing each day of this year! I started on Jan 1 having never embroidered, and now I cannot wait to do it again!
This has been one of the most rewarding projects that I have ever completed.
I encourage you to first, open your eyes to all the tiny beautiful things around you and second incorporate them into something that makes you happy!”

Today I made Panettone Pudding to use up the rather dry panettone. It is scrumptious indeed.

Panettone Pudding from BBC Good Food


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Bloom, Arundhati Roy and A Movie

I missed this Hydrangea bloom from my blog yesterday, in the front garden. Lots of plants seem fooled by the unseasonably warm weather we are having.

I have quoted Arundhati Roy before and love these words of hers too.

Imagine another world. Arundhati Roy

Dear Reader,  have you watched “Don’t Look Up” ? If not, please do. It’ll set you thinking.


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