Bella Lack, Orange and Red

Bella Lack is an 18-year-old conservationist and environmental activist. In an article I read about her recently, the following struck me. Part of her message is change your behaviours, but live your life. She said, ” We’re protecting the planet. What we’re really protecting is humanity. And, you know, you’ve got to enjoy it whilst you’re here.”  She’s right!
You can read all about this remarkable young woman here in the article from The Observer.

Our garden suddenly has quite a lot of flame colours, orange and red:

Canna Lily







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Penryn River, Sails and A Wedding Present

Just before we started our singing this morning, I spent a few minutes looking along the river.

After singing this beauty came along.

A friend of the choir is getting married at the weekend but we can’t all be there so we sang ‘This Love Will Carry’ for him and his bride.  It starts with the sops, the altos come in , then the tenors (inc me) and lastly the basses until the whole choir is singing and sending love to the happy couple.


Breakfast, Swimmers and Sounds of the Sea

While we were in the Gylly Cafe for a delicious breakfast, lots, and I means lots of people came down to the sea for their cold water dip. You might just be able to spot some of their heads in the water! After our delicious breakfast, we walked along Cliff Road and sat by the sea soaking up the sunshine and listening to the gentle soughing of the waves.


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Seedlings, Peppers and Lunch

Volunteer Tuesday again and I was delighted to see that seeds I sowed last week are already up and my job today was to prick them out into little modules.

The lovely Mr Smith was part of the harvesting team.

Lunch was super soup made with produce from the garden and served up with joy!


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Marmalade, Sunset and Chimneys

I’ve made marmalade today using frozen oranges, partly because we are running out and also  to free up some space in the freezer.  It’s always very satisfying to make and to have the jars full of golden gorgeousness on the shelves and then on the breakfast table.

There has been a glorious sunset this evening.

The sunset was so very orange, it lit up chimneys across the road.


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Harvest Moon and A Book Cover

The Harvest full moon was lovely as it rose over the horizon creating some unusual orangey clouds.

As we were browsing in a delightful independent shop in town and the lovely Mr S was choosing cards, I spotted this book by Neil Gaiman and loved the title. I should have bought it so will be back in town as soon as I can…….


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It is so important to have goos friends to support when needed. Thank you to the friend who posted this on Fb today..

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Post Box Topper, Street Furniture and Flowers

As our local children start the new school year, our local knitter has produced another lovely post box topper in honour of Rick, our crossing man who sees children and adults alike safely over the road. 

We loved how this piece of street furniture has been made special with the brass cut-out of Truro Cathedral on the sides.

There are still lots of Cosmos and Dahlias flowering at the allotment so we picked a bunch to enjoy at home.



Support and Cookies

We’ve baked a bunch of cookies today to take with us tomorrow morning to support our local postal workers who are striking for better conditions.

Oat Cookies and Chocolate and Oat Fingers

Talented Bury St Edmunds member has kindly baked a cake that simply demonstrates the struggle that our posties are in today.

And I can’t go without mentioning that Queen Elizabeth has died this afternoon. I’ve never been a royalist  but I do feel sad at the breaking news which has got to me for some reason, perhaps because she was also a Mum, a Granny and a Great Granny and all those people will miss her so. This appeared in my feed and I like it. She was such a good sport and clearly  loved being a part of that sketch. Thank you to the artist.


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Clouds, Cucumbers and A Baby Squash

Such heavy showers all day with blue skies in between, giving us really dramatic skies.

We’ve harvested lots of cucumbers, loads of courgettes and just three baby squash, called Summer Sunburst.

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