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Rebellion, Protest and The Royal Academy

That was quite a weekend! Up to London by train on Friday to be just in time to meet courageous friends who have been with Extinction Rebellion for the last 12 days, on then to join one million others to demand a People’s Vote over the Brexit debacle, and today to the Royal Academy to see the Antony Gormley exhibition – and then the 5 hour journey home!

Waiting for the March to catch up

John Le Carre stopped by for a chat and a cookie

Of all the pieces in the exhibition, this little one touched me deeply.

iron Baby – please read the notice below.

And there was a lovely tangerine sunset last night which we could see from our room.

From Paddington looking West


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No Protest Fatigue …..

…. if we all take it in turns to breathe.

Michael Moore’s words



March for a People’s Vote

LiveWire No 2’s placard. So good to have him with us – three generations together.

Brownies handed around by lovely young woman on march

The March.Thanks to the unknown photographer

An amazing and exhausting day with over a million expressing their point of view and  so good to see.  It was brilliant to be a part of such a tremendous sharing of feeling and all so good tempered and friendly. The best sides of everyone came to the fore.  Let us now hope someone listens………

PS Just heard it was nearer TWO MILLION!  IT certainly felt like it.




The People’s Vote March in London

What a day that was!  We were among 700,000 people of all ages and nationalities –  people who had come from all over our country, some setting off at 3.30am (from Cornwall and Lerwick) and some who had travelled from Europe to support our demand for a vote on the Brexit deal. Seven hundred thousand!  The streets were packed with people, the underground was full to bursting with people, banners and flags – all people wanting another say to save our country from the disaster that looms…….

It was so heartwarming and empowering to being amongst so many like-minded people. It was brilliant too, to be shouting for our friends who couldn’t be here but to know that we were representing at least eight of our friends and maybe everyone else there was too – so maybe  we were actually amongst 5,600,000 like-minded souls!

Enjoy the Gallery which will give you a flavour of the March and the intensity of feelings. I think most of the photos speak for themselves and don’t all need captions tonight.


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Wool Against Weapons Event and I’m There!

As this is published today, I shall be at Aldermaston with Wool Against Weapons. I leave on the 05.53 train and return at 22.16 and will have been part of the Human Peace Scarf stretching the seven miles between Aldermaston and Burghfield, the two atomic weapons sites in the UK.  This is what it is all about:

“Yarn Bomb, not real Bombs!

Wool Against Weapons – anti war grassroots campaign –  will unroll a 7 mile long knitted Peace Scarf in pink – to draw attention to the Governments proposed £120bn spend to renew Trident, in what will be the biggest anti war demo in recent years.

Thousands of knitters have been joining in from all over the world, in what has been a truly International effort to produce over 11,000 meters of scarf. This will be unrolled between AWE Aldermaston and AWE Burghfield on August 9th 2014.

The scarf will then be repurposed into blankets which will be used for humanitarian aid, including projects in Tanzania, Uganda, Syria, and the U.K.

Wool Against Weapons is supported by CND, Action AWE and Lush Campaigns.”

Some of our 22 pieces for Peace

Some of our 22 pieces for Peace

I will post photos tomorrow. Let’s hope that the whole event is covered by the news media.



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Knitting for Peace, Poppy and Cloud

1    I finished my sixth piece for Wool Against Weapons yesterday so went to buy some more wool today.  Barbara, the owner of my favourite wool shop, Knitcraft Wool Shop, in Pool, near Redruth, had been busy knitting and gave me her contribution in a beautifully soft yarn that will make a lovely comforting blanket after the protest. Thank you so much! I’ve chosen the same soft yarn in a multi-colour pink for my next piece.

Piece No 6

My 6th piece for Peace

Barbara's piece

Barbara’s piece for Peace

2   One of our Californian Poppies is beginning to unfold.

Unfurling Californian Poppy

Unfurling Californian Poppy

3   There are beautiful peachy clouds this evening reflecting the sunset.

Evening cloud

Evening cloud


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Sign of Spring, Pocket and Remarkable Courage

1   The sun is shining today and our first tiny Tete a Tete has opened – magic! There are signs of our Snowdrops too…….

First sign of Spring

First sign of Spring

2    Last week I featured a beautiful little frock. I checked with L that she would like it for Grandbaby B and she said ‘Yes!” To my delight, when I bought it from the lovely Cornish Bird In The  Sticks, I discovered two things: 1.  It is reversible and has this beautiful little pocket on the plain side and 2. It was made right here in Redruth!

Pretty pocket

Pretty pocket

3   Yesterday in The Guardian there was a letter that moved me almost to tears. Jake Arden, the son of Human Rights Activist Margeretta Darcy, told us that she “is serving a three month sentence in Limerick prison for trying to stop the violation of Irish neutrality by US military planes which stop over at Shannon airport from the war in Afghanistan.She took peaceful direct action to stop crime being committed by lying down on the runway of the airport. Margaretta is a 79 year old woman who has recently been treated for cancer.” Her son then asks people to send cards to help keep her spirits up.
What a remarkable woman! I include her address here in case anyone else is moved to send a card.
Margaretta D’Arcy c/o Limerick Prison, Mulgrave Street, Limerick, Ireland.
Let’s hope she’s inundated with messages of support and the weight of the postbag alone will make the Prison Authorities and the Irish Government sit up and think.

The card we sent

The card we sent


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