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Flowers, A Spitfire and A Pudding

It’s good that the Alstroemeria are still flowering. I like them and the yellow Canna against the dark red of the red Canna’s leaves.

We watched a Spitfire fly past today! It was doing a circuit of all Cornwall’s hospitals saying “Thank you” to our wonderful NHS. It was a long way away!

The NHS Spitfire – Photo by Greg Martin / Cornwall LIve

Mr Netherton’s photo, here with permission.


Today’s Feast magazine from The Guardian had a Chocolate and Pear Pudding from Felicity Cloake that I just had to make! It was easy and the result, delicious, served warm with a little single cream.


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A Lane, A Lettuce and Camassia

The phone rang this morning and it was our local nursery to say that our baby veg plants were ready to be collected so we went out! It was actually quite exciting to go out in the car for a ten minute ride each way, constantly on the alert to be stopped by the police who are doing a great job of encouraging people to stay at home. We were ready with our explanation for our journey – collecting food. We hoped they would understand that it would be all food in a few weeks/months and that would be that. We weren’t stopped!
Here then are one of the lanes we travelled along, one of the lettuces that I planted this afternoon and one of my favourites, Camassia flowers.

Ten of my scrub bags were collected this afternoon. I have saved one for the young woman that I used to teach who is a Nurse in Yorkshire. She and her husband, both nurses, have taken the huge decision to send their two boys to live with their Grandparents for the duration as S and her husband are so frightened of taking the virus home. I can’t find words to describe how that makes me feel.   People use the word heroic to describe our frontline carers – that’s a truly heroic thing to do and my heart goes out to them all.


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A Bag, A Rainbow and Hand Cream

I’ve finished one bag for the porterage of scrubs and have four more almost done. They are awaiting their ribbons to be drawstrings. I have ordered some online and just have to wait. They will be collected as soon as I let people know they are ready. I am answering a call-out  made by Cornwall Scrubs for sewists to make scrubs, masks and bags. It saddens me that the NHS has to ask for volunteers to provide these essential items having been starved of funds for so long but I am proud to be able to use my skills to help a little.

LiveWire No 3 has joined in the Rainbow pictures to show love and thanks to our NHS and other people who are looking after us all in this crisis.

What with all the gardening  and washing our hands so much, our hands are suffering. We have the most amazing hand cream made by a member of our choir. It is vegan and organic and is the saviour of our skin!

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Our Wonderful NHS

I spent much of the morning at St Michael’s Hospital in Hayle where I have had steroid injections in both ankles to combat the arthritic pain. The injections are uncomfortable to have done but give me relief for about 6 months so are very well worth it. The staff are wonderful – kind and understanding, friendly, efficient  and can’t do enough to make the patients feel good about their treatment. In this photo, with prepared ankles, I am about to go down to the operating theatre where the injections are done with x-ray guidance, Thank you to everyone especially Simon who allowed me to squeeze his hand very tightly. He said he was a rugby player and could stand any pain I inflicted! Tea  and Toast afterwards were greatly appreciated too!

Two days resting and being sensible and then back to life as I love it – and pain free!


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Being Grateful, Lighthouse and Nye Bevan

This came my way today and is a timely reminder I think of how lucky many of us are.grateful-for

We were in Penzance this evening and walking back to the car down a lane, I saw this delightful lighthouse on the side of someone’s shed.dscn9294

We were in Penzance for another meeting about protecting our wonderful NHS. Nye Bevan, the founder of the NHS said,
                  “The NHS will last as long as there are folk with the faith to fight for it.”

And that is what we are trying to do. There is another meeting nearer to home tomorrow and a march in Truro on Saturday.


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Thistle, St Ives and Smiles

I love the delicacy of this white thistle.

The beauty of St Ives never fails to move me. We were there tonight for a meeting about the very worrying changes to our beloved NHS.

It is International Smiles Day!


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