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Door Frame, Mincer and Bee

On our walk into town today we were amused to see how the door frame has been so carefully shaped to fit the old stone wall.

In the vintage store, Daisy Rain Vintage, where all sorts of treasures can be found, was this old mincer, enamelled and really rather lovely. The one we had at home was just a grey metal and I remember well making mince using it.  Any readers remember same?

The bees love our sunflowers on the allotment where I harvested enough beans for dinner, another courgette and a cucumber and all the shallots which I will plait up for storage tomorrow.



Tregellas Tapestry, A Gate and A New Hat

I was in the Cornish Studies Library again today and thought that you might like to see another of the Tregellas tapestries, this one of some Cornish Festivals including Padstow’s Obby Oss which I wrote about recently. Others of the remarkable tapestries can be seen here and here.

Traditional Festivals

We have been delivering flyers to advertise the show, Until the Day Break, today. A face gate made me smile so here it is for you.

Lots of teeth and gold hair!

I went to Daisy Rain Vintage to find accessories for my costume for the show. No luck, sadly but I did find this delightful hat in a shop further down the hill.

Spring hat





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Vintage Shopping, Sewing and Success

1   On the way home from my piano lesson this morning, I called into Daisy Rain Vintage again and was able to find a lovely lace piece to add to the front of my shirt for my costume.

Lace for my shirt

Lace for my shirt

2  Inspired as I was by Claire’s outfit yesterday, I rummaged about in my dear Mum’s haberdashery box where there are items that are 50 and more years old and found some beautiful lace which I have now hand-sewn to the cuffs of my shirt.

Old lace from Mum's collection

Old lace from Mum’s collection

3   To complete a happily creative day (while the rain has been helpfully watering the garden) I have turned a black pillowcase which we found last week on our trawl of the charity shops, into a cummerbund to add to my outfit. Another rummage in Mum’s box and I found a card of hooks and eyes to fasten it.  So, success! I now have my 1914 costume ready. I hope to have a photo taken tomorrow if the rain holds off. Fingers crossed for Sunday as the whole event is in the great outdoors.

Hook and eye fasteners

Hook and eye fasteners


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