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Rose, Fountain and Agapanthus

Two years ago, Dear Friends gave us a beautiful golden rose to celebrate our Golden Wedding and this year it is giving us scented roses galore.

Crown Princess Margareta, a fragrant English Rose

I love the sound of water in the garden. We discovered that adding pebbles to each layer increased the burbling sound.

Fountain in full flow

Blue and white agapanthus are flowering in the same pot, much to our delight.



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Gyllyngdune Gardens, Gylly Beach and New Knitting

1  Today after a wonderful singing session, we went for a walk along Cliff Road to Gyllyndune Gardens where there were many treasures to be found.  Daffodils, Primroses and a few blue hyacinths lined the paths and on the side of the quarry garden were perched some tiny little houses – very quaint and charming.  For the first time I noticed a fountain made of copper shells and the Mesembryanthemum were just stunning in the sunshine.

2   The Osteospermum on the cliff side overlooking Gylly Beach were glowing in the sunshine.

3   The project that I started in the beautiful Mandarin cotton and silk mix was a disaster! I was attempting a pattern using the wrong yarn and yesterday, I pulled it all out, went to my favourite wool shop and bought a pattern to suit the yarn – a much better idea. Now, in due course Grandbaby B will be getting a pretty cardigan!

Sleeve started

Sleeve started



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