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Rose, Dendrites and Raspberries

Just look at this glorious rose! It was a present from dear friends for our Golden Wedding Anniversary last summer. It smells divine as well as looking so spectacular.

Crown Princess Margareta

We are late in cleaning our terrace this year but the joy in discovering the dendrites anew each year is still a delight.


We have made a cage around our Raspberry bed this afternoon to protect the fruit from the birds.

Raspberry cage




Making Jam, A Rose and Magpies

The family picked lots of Blackberries up the lane and I froze them for the moment I might have time to make jam and that I did this morning – Blackberry and Apple Jam and it is delicious.

Blackberry and Apple Jam

Just as the jam was all potted up, the doorbell rang and we could scarcely see who was at the door for the foliage and the goldenness of a beautiful rose plant – Crown Princess Margareta.  Thank you so much D&R – we said no presents and we meant it but this fragrant rose is gorgeous and will be given pride of place in our garden.

Fragrant and beautiful

I watched these two Magpies for some time from the study window. The lower one seems to be the younger, all fluffed up and being watched over by his Dad or we wonder if he has been in a fight?  I was concerned to see the lack of feathers on his head and his tail seems to be somewhat awry.  Any thoughts, Dear Reader?

Father and Son?

Bald baby or been attacked?



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