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A Poem, A Poppy and A New Outfit

The following poem came to me the other day and so clearly expressed the joy of ‘gathering’ treasures along the way.

Something snapped the head off one of our glorious red frilly poppies still in bud but with the outer skin just opening. I put it in Mum’s green glass and over two days it has opened up beautifully.

ClothKitty now has some shorts and a sun hat.


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Snickerdoodles, A Bow and New Blooms

I have been sorting through all my foodie magazines, cutting out favourites and decluttering the rest. I came across this recipe for biscuits with the most delightful name, Snickerdoodles, common in USA I think but not here in the UK. As I typed the name in to tell my neighbour that there were some waiting for her on her doorstep, my iPhone knew exactly what I was starting to write!

ClothKitty has a new bow in her hair (to disguise the small hole.) She looks pleased with it!

The salmon coloured Nasturtiums are blooming.



Front Door, Bench and New Clothes

Yesterday’s walk offered so many photo opportunities. Here is the lovely front door of the Manor House.

I just love this lichen covered bench set on a rather precarious slope.

Much of today has been damp and mizzly so I spent my time making ClothKitty another set of clothes – a skirt (which was cut out many years ago) and finished off a rather natty waistcoat (I had done the binding but not been able to find the time to finish it 40+ years ago with four little ones to look after.)


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Surprise Present, ClothKitty and Books on Stairs

1   Our lovely neighbour came in today and brought me a belated birthday present of some of her beautiful Winter Flowering Cherry blossom (which I have been admiring from our back bedroom window) a real tonic! Thank you, Sue.

Winter Flowering Cherry blossom

Winter Flowering Cherry blossom, a present from our neighbours

2   I love ClothKitty! I made her at least 30 years ago for KJ but can’t remember exactly when.

ClothKitty, about 30 years old

ClothKitty, about 30 years old

3   Our eldest daughter has sent us this delightful photograph of someone’s stair/bookcase. Now we have an  extended family project for us all to nominate the 9 books we would paint our stairs with!  ‘Under Milk Wood’ would be there for me (as for my older brother) but I’ll have to think of the others.   I wonder what your choice might be?  I’d love to know!

Book staircase!

Book staircase!


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