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LiveWires, Thunder Sky and Our Station

I enjoy getting the beds ready for a LiveWire visit. The duvet covers were made by my Mum many years ago and I love the fact that the LiveWires’ Great Granny made their bed covers.  ClothKitty,  made  by me  about  40  years ago, a Wild Thing  and  Bagpuss  await  LiveWire  No  4’s  arrival  tomorrow..

Heavy showers were threatened in Truro today but the squirrel on top of the spire still glowed.

Buying train tickets today, I was delighted to spot this planter on the platform.


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Surprise Present, ClothKitty and Books on Stairs

1   Our lovely neighbour came in today and brought me a belated birthday present of some of her beautiful Winter Flowering Cherry blossom (which I have been admiring from our back bedroom window) a real tonic! Thank you, Sue.

Winter Flowering Cherry blossom

Winter Flowering Cherry blossom, a present from our neighbours

2   I love ClothKitty! I made her at least 30 years ago for KJ but can’t remember exactly when.

ClothKitty, about 30 years old

ClothKitty, about 30 years old

3   Our eldest daughter has sent us this delightful photograph of someone’s stair/bookcase. Now we have an  extended family project for us all to nominate the 9 books we would paint our stairs with!  ‘Under Milk Wood’ would be there for me (as for my older brother) but I’ll have to think of the others.   I wonder what your choice might be?  I’d love to know!

Book staircase!

Book staircase!


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