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LiveWires, Thunder Sky and Our Station

I enjoy getting the beds ready for a LiveWire visit. The duvet covers were made by my Mum many years ago and I love the fact that the LiveWires’ Great Granny made their bed covers.  ClothKitty,  made  by me  about  40  years ago, a Wild Thing  and  Bagpuss  await  LiveWire  No  4’s  arrival  tomorrow..

Heavy showers were threatened in Truro today but the squirrel on top of the spire still glowed.

Buying train tickets today, I was delighted to spot this planter on the platform.


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Station Cat, Sailors’ Barometer and Twiddle Muffs

We saw our dear friend off on the train this morning after a fabulous and very busy week and were not surprised to see that Hector, the Station Cat, was wisely in the office this wild and windy morning!

Hector, Redruth’s station cat

We have spent the day indoors listening to the hoolie blowing outside and watching the blue in our Sailor’s barometer get higher and higher.

Sailors’ Barometer

I have had a spare couple of Twiddle Muffs after making more than were needed last year, so A has taken them home with her, one for a mutual friend and another for her Singing for the Brain group where it should find a good home.

Twiddle muffs


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Games, Dancing and Goodbyes

It was a busy morning with more packing up, two Live-Wires singing and dancing to Frozen, another setting up Monopoly, Cornwall edition, to play with his Uncle and Mum and thence to the train and lots of hugs and kisses and waving goodbye. The families are meeting up again in a few days in London so the goodbyes for them are not so bad……. They will be able to cement their new found cousinhood even more which will be wonderful.

Preparing the game board

Preparing the game board



On the train to London

On the train to London


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