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Crocus, Owl and Soup

With a bit of water and some tlc, yesterday’s crocus has recovered.

My lovely neighbour gave me an owl for my birthday some weeks ago but I didn’t put him on here.

I made some delicious Squash, Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup for lunch.



Heartwood, Daffodil and Kalettes

I found this beautiful piece of work and thought I would share it with you. It made me think of the cutting down of so many of Sheffield’s trees last year.  The art work is as stunning as the poem, so full of detail and charm.

Heartwood by Robert Macfarlane, art by Nick Hayes

We don’t have swathes of daffodils, just one at a time for now and those are getting knocked down by the wind and rain. I brought the first one in.

Rain battered Daffodil in our indoor garden

Our Kalettes keep on giving! I cooked these in garlic butter and a splash of water. They grow like sprouts but are much more delicious!

Kalettes in garlic butter


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Winter Walk Around Trelissick Gardens, Cook Books and A Gig

1   We thought of driving up to England to see the snow but decided instead to walk around Trelissick Gardens. The gallery which follows takes you on our walk. Click on any image to get a full screen photo.

2   I’ve been looking at my collection of Ambrose Heath cook books inherited from my Mum and with recipes that we still use. (See the Rhubarb one on my Recipe pages)  Some of the books are illustrated with delightfully quirky Edward Borden woodcuts.

Book plate by Edward Borden

Book plate by Edward Borden

Woodcut by Edward Borden

Woodcut by Edward Borden

3   We’re off out tonight to a gig by The Old Tire Swingers. We’re told they are “another great bluegress act all the way from the U S of A Influenced by the Appalachian string bands as well as their own Central California country roots, they play a style that’s somewhere between old time, bluegrass, and country.”


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