Six on Saturday – Colour and Produce

01 Aug

There is lots of colour in the garden and the veggies are coming along well. We eat the Purple Mange tout almost every evening and are delighted with this new venture. We’ll grow them again next year. The Sweetcorn is looking good and the Kalettes taking over their bed. We have a constant battle with caterpillars, tracking them each day and giving them to the birds. We were given the miniature red rose as a thank you present last summer and it seems to die over the winter so we are delighted with all the blooms it is giving us this year. The shady corner is quite well lit at this time of year and it is thriving as are the Lilies on the patio.

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2 responses to “Six on Saturday – Colour and Produce

  1. March Picker

    August 1, 2020 at 11:51 pm

    I had no idea that crocosmia and agapanthus could mingle so nicely!


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