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Begonia, Borage and Bugs

Mum’s chimneys are so full of flowers this year, just glorious.I’ll do a whole post devoted to chimneys soon while they are in glorious flower.  Mum would be proud, wonderful gardener that she was.   After she left teaching, of deaf babies, she refused to write ‘retired’ on any forms and wrote ‘Gardener ‘with pride.

The Borage in the edible trough is flowering. I love adding the flowers to salads and to gin, when we have any in!

I spotted a couple of interesting bugs today, firstly a Shield Bug (I think) on the raspberries. We have only ever seen green ones before but think we have identified this one as a Hairy Shield Bug. Can they choose their colour depending on where they are like some magical spiders?

Hairy Shield Bug

The next was a luminescent green creature which I think I have identified as a Thick Legged Flower Beetle, a fairly boring name for such a wonderfully coloured creature.

Thick Legged Flower Beetle.


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