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Butterfly, Skype Baking and Another Trade

On our walk this morning, we spotted a little blue butterfly which I think was a Common Blue. When I was a kid we used to see clouds of these lovely creatures when on a coastal walk. There seem to be far fewer about now. This is the first I have seen this year.

Common Blue

It was LiveWire No 2’s turn to Skype-bake with me this afternoon and he chose to make Sausage Rolls. It was so lovely to spend some special time together when we haven’t seen the family since New Year except for Family sessions each Saturday.  We also had some delicious Sausage Rolls to eat!

J’s Sausage Rolls

Another trade took place today. Our friend and neighbour, N, was in touch last week when the call finally came that we are to wear face masks when shopping, “Could I please make her some?”  Of course! I finished them off this morning and, as N is a Well being consultant for Weleda, traded the masks for the wonderful muscle soak that so helps my cranky and painful ankles.


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