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Weekly Photo Challenge – Wall 3 -Walled Garden

I visited whichwaynow from a link on the Challenge page (do have a look, lots of fabulous photos) where the blogger has posted a fabulous wall of flowers. In the ensuing conversation, I spoke about our last house where we had a walled garden which we loved. The walls were clothed with greenery and colour, we had hanging baskets and looking back at the photos, I decided on a third ‘Wall’ post of photos taken in 2006 /7. Click on any photo for the caption and more detail.

It was a very small town garden but we both loved it!  Perhaps you can tell!  To see others in this Challenge, click here.


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Gyllyngdune Gardens, Gylly Beach and New Knitting

1  Today after a wonderful singing session, we went for a walk along Cliff Road to Gyllyndune Gardens where there were many treasures to be found.  Daffodils, Primroses and a few blue hyacinths lined the paths and on the side of the quarry garden were perched some tiny little houses – very quaint and charming.  For the first time I noticed a fountain made of copper shells and the Mesembryanthemum were just stunning in the sunshine.

2   The Osteospermum on the cliff side overlooking Gylly Beach were glowing in the sunshine.

3   The project that I started in the beautiful Mandarin cotton and silk mix was a disaster! I was attempting a pattern using the wrong yarn and yesterday, I pulled it all out, went to my favourite wool shop and bought a pattern to suit the yarn – a much better idea. Now, in due course Grandbaby B will be getting a pretty cardigan!

Sleeve started

Sleeve started



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