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Slipper, Flowerpot Muffins and e e cummings

1  I love the evidence around the house that our Grandchildren, the Happy Bunnies, have landed.

Monsterfoot slipper

Monsterfoot slipper

2    I always look forward to baking with them when they come to stay. I loved the idea of these Flowerpot Muffins and went off to the Garden Centre yesterday to buy a dozen of the tiny terracotta pots to bake in. We are going to make some flowerpot loaves later in their stay.

Flowerpot Muffins

Flowerpot Muffins

3   Followers will know that I love the poetry of e e cummings and this one to mark the clock going forward last night is a delight.

there are so many tictoc – ee cummings

there are so many tictoc
clocks everywhere telling people
what toctic time it is for
tictic instance five toc minutes toc
past six tic

Spring is not regulated and does
not get out of order nor do
its hands a little jerking move
over numbers slowly

we do not
wind it up it has no weights
springs wheels inside of
its slender self no indeed dear
nothing of the kind.

(So,when kiss Spring comes
we’ll kiss each kiss other on kiss the kiss
lips because tic clocks toc don’t make
a toctic difference
to kisskiss you and to
kiss me)


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