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Yellow, Poem and Present

1   For me, Spring is yellow and today I give you a gallery of yellow  from the delicacy of pale yellow primroses, through to the vibrancy of crocuses, visiting  gorse, dandelions, wallflowers, daffodils, both real and crochet, and catkins blowing in the breeze on the way. Click on any photo for their individual glory!


2   I love this poem though disagree about it being Summer that is yellow!

Primrose – William Carlos Williams

Yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow!
It is not a color.
It is summer!
It is the wind on a willow,
the lap of waves, the shadow
under a bush, a bird, a bluebird,
three herons, a dead hawk
rotting on a pole-
Clear yellow!
It is a piece of blue paper
in the grass or a threecluster of
green walnuts swaying, children
playing croquet or one boy
fishing, a man
swinging his pink fists
as he walks-
It is ladysthumb, forget-me-nots
in the ditch, moss under
the flange of the carrail, the
wavy lines in split rock, a
great oaktree-
It is a disinclination to be
five red petals or a rose, it is
a cluster of birdsbreast flowers
on a red stem six feet high,
four open yellow petals
above sepals curled
backward into reverse spikes-
Tufts of purple grass spot the
green meadow and clouds the sky.

3   The crochet daffodils were a present that we took today to our lovely friend N who is recovering from an operation. She liked them!


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