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Happiness, Horses and Eclipse

What a magical start to the International Day of Happiness!

We and our neighbours went out to watch the partial eclipse of the sun and it was just amazing. The horses were intrigued by what was going on and we felt so lucky that the clouds and the haze had cleared and gave us such an experience. B&S had x-ray film and we had a pin-hole piece of card, a colander and a sheet of white paper as advised last night by the lovely Professor Brian Cox and Dara O’Briain on Stargazing Live last night. Buzz Aldrin was with them and was a delight to listen to. Alex Autin, this post is for you. I wonder if you will be able to find the programme on BBC2.
Thanks to Sue for some of the photos. Click on any photo for detail and the caption.



How to be happy!

How to be happy!



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