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Knitting for Peace, Poppy and Cloud

1    I finished my sixth piece for Wool Against Weapons yesterday so went to buy some more wool today.  Barbara, the owner of my favourite wool shop, Knitcraft Wool Shop, in Pool, near Redruth, had been busy knitting and gave me her contribution in a beautifully soft yarn that will make a lovely comforting blanket after the protest. Thank you so much! I’ve chosen the same soft yarn in a multi-colour pink for my next piece.

Piece No 6

My 6th piece for Peace

Barbara's piece

Barbara’s piece for Peace

2   One of our Californian Poppies is beginning to unfold.

Unfurling Californian Poppy

Unfurling Californian Poppy

3   There are beautiful peachy clouds this evening reflecting the sunset.

Evening cloud

Evening cloud


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